Super medicine hot turmeric milk

If you mix turmeric with hot milk ,it will turn to Best medicine ever and has many more health benefits.This article describes unique health benefits of hot turmeric milk.
Turmeric has been used in the Aurvedic medicine since 5000 years.It has high anti oxidants content and it promotes good health.
These are unique health benefits of hot turmeric milk.
Strengthening Bones:
Turmeric and milk has good amount of calcium which will keep bones stronger and healthier.
Reducing Free Radicals:
Because of turmeric’s high antioxidant content, the combination of milk and turmeric is commonly recommended to fight free radicals that cause damage to skin cells and make your skin lose elasticity
Fighting Diarrhea:
Turmeric is a common natural treatment for diarrhea.
Reducing Inflammation:
Turmeric is a common folk remedy for headaches, swelling and pain. It is often referred to as “natural aspirin” by those familiar with Ayurvedic medicine.
Turmeric has photo chemical called cur-cumin which can actively prevent many diseases.
Prevents cancer:
Prevent cancer cells from forming because of its high anti oxidants
Prevent Alzheimer’s:
Remove plaque from the brain and improve oxygen flow, acting as a preventive for Alzheimer’s.
Detoxify the liver:
High anti oxidants will help to detoxify the liver.
Reduce cholesterol:
Hot turmeric milk helps in reducing cholesterol.
Stimulate the immune system:
Hot turmeric milk combination strengthen the immune system and prevents all flues and viral fevers.
swine flu:
Swine flu can be prevented with hot turmeric milk.Drink every day night to yield maximum effect.

King Medical plant Sweet basil 9 benefits


Sweet basil herb known as king of all medical plants because of rich health benefits of all parts of sweet basil plant.

Sweet basil seeds also known as Sabja Seeds, Sabza Seeds, Tukmaria Seeds, Tulsi Seeds and Falooda Seeds in Hindi.

This plant has unique sweet fragrance. All the parts of this plant have good medical values. Sweet smelled aromatic oil can be extracted from this plant.

It’s soft, green and pointed leaves are often said to resemble peppermint.

2 unique substances:

Sweet Basil or Thai basil contains two important, health-giving substances, flavonoids and volatile oils.

This plant has very unique flavonoids called Orientin and vicenin. These two flavonoids protect anti oxidants that in turn protects cell damage.

Sweet basil seeds also protect skin and body from radiation.

Mineral ore:

This basil plant has many rich minerals and vitamins. It has vitamin K, beta carotene, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

These are unique and amazing health benefits of sweet basil herb:

Cooling agent:

Thai basil will keep body cool and also helps to prevent blood motions.

Pain Reliever:

It also heals body pains and also cures all other swallow in the body.

Breathe problems:

Thai basil used to cure Asthma and other breathe related problems also.

Piles Treatment:

Sweet basil useful to prevents Piles and ganeria.

Safe kidney functionality:

This basil improves the functionality of the kidneys.


This plant also quickly cures fever, cold and cough.

Aromatic food:

It also used as aromatic herb to give good smell to food items.

Improve Sperm count:

This basil also improves the sperm count and boon for couples that are looking for children.

Healthy food preservative:

We know many food preservatives have good number of side effects.Scientist while experimenting for toxin free food preservatives they have found that Thai basil as the best herb.

It can be used as food preservatives with out any side effects.

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Surprising weight loss tips

weight loss is never ending process for some people.This article presents surprising weight loss tips to reduce weights with out much efforts.

Use small size plates:

As per research people tend to eat more when they use large plates and size of food taken by the people is proportional to the size of the plate. So it’s better to use small plates for eating

Never skip breakfast or meals:

Don’t skip breakfast as if you take breakfast, hunger will spread evenly throughout the day.

Some amount of fat will be stored in the body for the future use if there is lack of food. If have habit of avoiding meals, the amount of fat that stored also increases.

Don’t keep your stomach idle more than 5 hours:

The more gap in between the meals ,you will more after long break.Frequent meals keeps you less hunger and you will eat less.

Drink lots of water:

The lots of water in your body ensure less oxidants in body.It removes all toxins from body and keep you fit.

Healthy diet:

Practice walk for reaching bus stop and use stairs whenever possible. Spend time to do household things on holidays and weekends

Eat right food avoid junk:

Eat as much green vegetable and protein food .avoid junk crackers, cakes cookies, pasta and pizzas.



why you should not eat fruits at night


Many of us prefer to eat fruits after meal. But we don’t know what quantity of fruits we should consume and when to eat. As per the nutritionist opinion we should eat 3 cups of fruits each day.

If we take in three slots it will healthier. We need to finish all 3 slots before evening .Don’t eat fruits during night dinner. If you want to know why should we skip fruits during dinner, and then read this material.

Between lunch and dinner:

Yes this is idle time to eat fruits. Eat fruits after breakfast and before lunch. Just keep one hour gap between fruits and lunch.

In weekends fill 90 % of breakfast with fruits. Try apple and papaya as these fruits have more carbo hydrates content.

When you feel hungry or weak, just eat your favourite fruit, these fruits carbo hydrates and fructose turned into glucose will supply good instant energy to body.

Don’t mix with meal:

If you have a habit of eating fruit after meal, immediately stop it.Dont take fruit along with breakfast and lunch.

Normally fruits will digest very easily, but when you mix fruits with your meal, fruits will cause indigestion and also creates gastric troubles.

Many buffets usually have fruit salads along with deserts and ice creams. Having one or two pieces of fruits is ok, but having full fruits with meal is not at all good for your wealthy health.

What about dinner??

Dinner is not right time to have fruits at all. Every fruit has fructose. When you consume fruits, this fructose will turn into glucose and supply instant energy to body.

During night time this instant energy is not good for relaxation and it also spoils your good sleep.

Hence prefer fruits before evenings and in between meal, not along with meal.

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Best tips for digital detox which keeps relations alive

In this Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012 photo, passengers operate their smartphones on a subway in Seoul, South Korea. Across the entire population, South Korea’s government estimated 2.55 million people are addicted to smartphones, using the devices for 8 hours a day or more, in its first survey of smartphone addiction released earlier this year. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

Digital detoxification is new word for many people, but it’s necessary element for everyone.These are best tips for digital detox and keeps relations alive. We know detoxification, it’s nothing but a process of removing unnecessary toxins in our body.Whever excess of toxins stored in the body, it leads many diseases and health problems. Hence we will do detoxify our body.

Digital detoxification also same but we need to our self .This is drug for digital addiction. What is digital addiction? It’s also like drugs, alcoholic addictions, once a person addicted to these things, he can’t live even a single minute without those things. Same way digital addiction is the addition to digital things like smart phone, laptops, internet, social networks like Facebook, whatsapp, selfie ext.

Symptoms of digital addiction:

Digital adductors also get same kick as normal alcoholic addiction. If they get more likes for their selfie, they will get peek kick.

Expecting huge number of likes for their selfie.

Frequently checking their mobile phone

Look for new mails and new likes in whatsapps, Facebook every fifteen minutes and get disappoint if no updates.

Watching YouTube videos always and spent lots of time on internet.

All these are the symptoms of digital addiction and the drug for these diseases is digital detoxification.

It’s nothing but maintain some distance to loved smart phone, tabs.

Remedies for digital detoxification:

Use your digital things when required only.

Don’t try to answer every mail and whats-app messages.

Check mains and updates at specific times only and 3 or 4 times a day.

Keep the Smartphone away in bed room.

Start spending one hour without any digital thing in a day.Dedicate one day in a week for this activity.

Last but not least follow apps for detoxification, but don’t addict to these apps also.

To keep human relations alive digital detox is mandatory.

Building blocks of Nation….

What are the major systems that rule a country and build the nation?

There are 5 systems starting with political system, law and order by police, courts and judgments, media and students.

Political system which decides the nation fate and responsible for development and should lead the nation in proper development way without being corrupted. They are ruler and should rule the nation as a democratic way. if the politician are for money making how the funds will reach the poor.

Law and order systems are meant for the people and save the people from illegal forces. Illegal forces ruling the law and order and how people of the nation can be safe?

Courts and Judgement systems should provide the justice to the people and Law and order should be independent system of political system. People should have a faith in law system, then only there will be a meaning to the democratic nation

Media is the system which directly reaches the people and should be moral and transparent and mostly positive. They should not depends on the TRP rating.TRP has no meaning when the core values and transparency is not there.

Students are back bone of a country and should closely watch the nation’s direction. If the nation is being direct wrongly media and students should bring back the nation to proper development direction


Foods and massage to treat brittle nails


Brittle nails and hair loss is common problem for some people. Use these foods and massage to treat brittle nails.These common problems are due to insufficient biotin in the body. This can be avoid be adding some foods to your diet and with slight change in the diet habits.

Biotin, fatty acids, protein and vitamin A are essential for good nail health and for strong hair. Apart from the food stuff, you can choose some oil massage also for healthy nails.


Biotin deficiency can be treated with fish, peas, beans, banana, cauliflower and eggs. These foods are rich biotin and helps in strong hair growth and to treat brittle nails.

Fatty acids:

When you suffer from brittle nails, you need to concentrate and foods with fatty acids. Fish oil, Amarnath leaves and walnuts are good source of Fatty acid


Protein deficiency will increases nails related problems. To avoid such problems, increase the chicken, milk product without cheese, grains, soybean and cereals.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is very essentials for healthy nails. More vitamin A will ensure the healthier nails. Chose apricots, White egg, oatmeal, cheese and roots for vitamin A.

Apart from the above diet methods, you can apply external oils also.

Olive oil massage:

Apply warm olive oil to nails during night, massage gently for some time. Wash gently in the morning.

Almond oil and lemon massage:

Mix almond oil and few drops of lemon juice and apply to nails.

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How to fight against EBOLA

What is Ebola virus?

EVD Ebola viral disease is Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a severe condition caused by a virus from the Filoviridae family.

How it will be transmitted ??

it will spread through blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of an infected person

By Having the meat from infected animals.

What are the symptoms ?

At initial stages patient will suffer from fever, rashes, headache, nausea, vomiting and stomach pain.

In advanced stage symptoms will be Bleeding from the mouth, ears, nose and ears, genital swelling,Rashes all over the body.


As of now there is no vaccination available.

Only option is to take measures : Simple activities like washing your hands well, drinking water from a clean source, maintaining general hygiene and cooking your meat well

Be aware by taking the some survey of ebola






Its not ice bucket ..its Rice Bucket challenge


Ice bucket challenge was invented to spread the awareness of disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS). This Activity involves dumping a bucket of Ice water on some one’s head to promote the awareness of the ALS disease and to encourage donations. Its invented in Northern united states.

The challenger will do the activity and uploads the filmy of the activity to you tube and challenges others to do the same within 24 hours.If any one fails they need to donate to charity.  Its became very popular in social media.


Rice bucket challenge is the Indian version of Ice bucket challenge and was introduced by journalist from Hyderabad.

The concept is so simple donate a bucket of rice to the poor people.


Already this concept reached the Facebook. Anyway Its good initiative and let us spread





Make 5 homemade long lasting deodorants


Many girls won’t go out without make ups and without deodorants. But many people get allergies also with these doe’s and perfumes.

You can make your own deodorant at home to avoid all allergies and side effects with artificial perfumes and deodorants.

You can make 5 homemade long lasting deodorant spray very quickly.

Cooking soda:

Just mix some water in cooking soda. You can mix some corn floor also. This corn and cooking soda mix will absorb all bad smells from clothes. Hence you can apply this mix to your clothes before out.

Rose water:

Pour some drops of lavender oil in rose water.After bath apply this fresh water to your hands, chest and sweat prone areas of your fresh body. This will gives you good felling to your body and keeps you fresh throughout the day. You can enjoy Pleasant smell of lavender and rose and this has no side effects.

Sandal powder:

Sandal powder has many anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. Just mix some amount of sandal powder in few drops of water and apply on the sweat areas of the body.

After some time wash this and wear your clothes. Sandal powder prevents the sweat and also spreads fragrance.

Coco powder:

Mix she butter, baking soda in equal amounts and also mix some corn floor and coco powder in it. After that take all these powders and warm it on stove with one spoon of vitamin E. Take this mix into a bowl and keep it in refrigerator.

Now apply this cream after bath. This will acts a perfect natural deodorant.

Cucumber juice:

Soak some cotton buds in cucumber juice and keep this in refrigerator for 4 hours. After that take buds out and rub with these buds under arms and sweaty area. Once this juice got dried up, you can wear clothes. Cucumber juice will acts astringent and absorbs all the bad smell. This juice also keeps sweat away.

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