Building blocks of Nation….

What are the major systems that rule a country and build the nation?

There are 5 systems starting with political system, law and order by police, courts and judgments, media and students.

Political system which decides the nation fate and responsible for development and should lead the nation in proper development way without being corrupted. They are ruler and should rule the nation as a democratic way. if the politician are for money making how the funds will reach the poor.

Law and order systems are meant for the people and save the people from illegal forces. Illegal forces ruling the law and order and how people of the nation can be safe?

Courts and Judgement systems should provide the justice to the people and Law and order should be independent system of political system. People should have a faith in law system, then only there will be a meaning to the democratic nation

Media is the system which directly reaches the people and should be moral and transparent and mostly positive. They should not depends on the TRP rating.TRP has no meaning when the core values and transparency is not there.

Students are back bone of a country and should closely watch the nation’s direction. If the nation is being direct wrongly media and students should bring back the nation to proper development direction


Is facebook’ graph search compete with Google


Facebook launched graph search as a trail and the full version yet to be available for all the social media around 1.3 billion users.
Users can search lots of data on social media by navigating the sites with the help of graph tool and the data available in social networks only.
Facebook emphasis that this graph search is not a competition to Google search and cannot handle kind of queries Google handle. Graph search based on the information available on the network. Additional information will be fetched from bing search engine tool of the Microsoft
As of now 700 TB data is available on Facebook and the Open Graph feature allows developers to integrate their applications and pages into the Facebook platform, and links Facebook with external sites on the Internet
As of now this feature is available of All English users in US.
We don’t know what’s there on Facebook mind and how its going to challenge to Google with Graph tool

Have you heard of greendroid?

All of us much familiar with android. Android is mobile Operation system and has many version from cupcake to today kitkat and next version is going to come very next month.

But many of us many heard the word green droid. Greendroid is a development library for Android platform. Its intention is to make UI development very easier and consistent for application of mobile phone.

Its advantage is its more energy efficient and 11 times more energy saving when compared to the current processor.

The intention of the greendroid is to target dark region of the chip and to fill with more energy saving cores.These cores are generated from mobile platform android software stack.

A greendroid processor will contain many different c-cores and each targeting different portion of the android system.

Thus the greendroid will reduce power consumption of the mobile platform which is most desirable for today android’s phone as Phone battery not standing for long hours with full application


what is the difference between the dual core and quad core?

Octa core processor is the recent news in the smartphone industry. Core is nothing but a central processing unit part of  CPU which will do actual work.

In the past days the speed of the computer used to measure with clock speed but today the speed measured by the number of parallel cores in it

Quad core system will have one single chip but four different central processing unit. similarly dual core system will have 2 processing units and octa core system will have 8 processing units.

In case of single processor system  all work will be done y same processor but it will be shared on time basis and if any heavy task in the system may reduce the process performance.

Advantage of having multiple processing units is that actual work will be shared between the processing units and eventually system speed increases.

Recent days smart phones are doing almost same work as computer ,so quad core and octa core processor must be there to support the good no of APPs on Today’s smart phones

How first banking started ??

The oldest banking in the world started with the grain loans to the farmers in 2000 BC.

The second step started with accepting deposits and exchange of money.Exchange of coins and receipts in the form of clay tablets were used in the ancient banking.

The banking activity and exchange of coins mainly centered around great temples. In the next era exchange of precious stones 

But the banking with establishment of branches started in Europe and the most famous bank started in 1397.Development of the banking industry was a milestone in the evolution of civilization

During 16 and 17th century banking system spread ed around the world mainly in Europe. During the 20th century with the evaluation of telecommunications and internet systems online banking and ATM systems made human life much easier.



How to fight against EBOLA

What is Ebola virus?

EVD Ebola viral disease is Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a severe condition caused by a virus from the Filoviridae family.

How it will be transmitted ??

it will spread through blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of an infected person

By Having the meat from infected animals.

What are the symptoms ?

At initial stages patient will suffer from fever, rashes, headache, nausea, vomiting and stomach pain.

In advanced stage symptoms will be Bleeding from the mouth, ears, nose and ears, genital swelling,Rashes all over the body.


As of now there is no vaccination available.

Only option is to take measures : Simple activities like washing your hands well, drinking water from a clean source, maintaining general hygiene and cooking your meat well

Be aware by taking the some survey of ebola






Its not ice bucket ..its Rice Bucket challenge


Ice bucket challenge was invented to spread the awareness of disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS). This Activity involves dumping a bucket of Ice water on some one’s head to promote the awareness of the ALS disease and to encourage donations. Its invented in Northern united states.

The challenger will do the activity and uploads the filmy of the activity to you tube and challenges others to do the same within 24 hours.If any one fails they need to donate to charity.  Its became very popular in social media.


Rice bucket challenge is the Indian version of Ice bucket challenge and was introduced by journalist from Hyderabad.

The concept is so simple donate a bucket of rice to the poor people.


Already this concept reached the Facebook. Anyway Its good initiative and let us spread





How to think positive?

How to think positive?

I always believe in one simple and powerful quote in my life. It is “Every thing will happen for reason”.

That’s enough to become a positive thinker and this quote looks very simple but powerful enough to lead our thinking.

There is hidden and meaningful cause will be there for every incident that happens in our daily life. If any unavoidable situation occurred or unfortunate incident happens, doesn’t start blame yourself or others? Just try to remember that there is some positive force and this incident may bring some change in your life near future.

Just time matters, if you are facing more and more obstacles in your journey means you are approaching your destination. Today whatever your thinking negative will become positive and may brings fortune to your life.

Things always happen in right way only, but our perception differs, our way of looking the things will change time to time.

Just keep moving whatever you want, will come to you one day and that day if you rewind your past opinions , you can see the difference in the your thinking time to time …

So always remember you are here to do your best, remaining things will happen without your intention.

Even clock in not working condition shows correct time twice a day.

Even the door that pushed hardly will come back with double speed, then why can’t we come back from problems with positive approach?

Keep moving…

Major turnings points in the human Evalution


The first significant mile stone in the human kind is finding fire.Fire drastically changed the human eating styles and become part of the human life and gave sense to night life of the human.

Next major mile stone is Wheel, yes after finding wheel human started crossing boarders and we cant imagine today’s life with out wheel.Try to imagine world with out vehicles

Third one is drastically changed the human life and become part of daily life in 20th century even the evaluation started from 19th century

In 20th century there are 2 points,internet and Mobile phone. Internet Evaluation started in 1960’s and world cant step forward with out internet.

Mobile Phone is the innovation of this decade and become like ornament every one wears.No one can step out with out Mobile from their home.

We are adapting technology or becoming slave to the technology?