Cell phone ethics to follow in 5 places


Cell phone is mandatory but we should follow some cell phone ethics or cell phone manners while carrying cell phone in meetings and conferences.

Cell phone is a essential device to carry everywhere, every time.These are the common places you may use cell phone wrongly and these are the cell phone ethics to follow.

In Team lunch:

When you are in casuals talk with colleagues or having lunch with others, avoid using mobile as much. No need to reply for unimportant messages that time. You should pay attention what others to saying, otherwise they will feel bad. Attend very important calls only. You can reply for UN important messages later in leisure time.

In Conference:

When you are in conference with colleagues, just avoid using cell phone and avoid checking mails. They may feel like you are not interested in the topic. You may miss some important conversation also if you concentrate on your mobile.

Using Ear phones:

Wearing ear phones and listening to songs while walking and while doing your work is acceptable. But remove ear phones, when you need to listen to some one or you need to say something to them. Other feels that you are respecting them. Also listening to music for long time also not advisable as its effects you’re listening sense.

While Driving:

When you are driving, never try to use mobile as its disturbance your concentration on driving and may lead to accidents. Even your are using some Bluetooth car kit or headphones, it will effect your driving and fellow vehicle owners may bare you’re slow driving.

In ATM and public areas:

When you are in ATM queue or in some restaurants, it’s better to avoid using cell as other may get delayed because of you.Unnecessarily you may be giving your personal data to strangers by using talking in mobile in public areas.