Positive thinking: Key to success

Positive thinking: Key to success and happiness.

How to think positive?

I always believe in one simple and powerful quote in my life. It is “Every thing will happen for reason”.

That’s enough to become a positive thinker and this quote looks very simple but powerful enough to lead our thinking.

Don’t blame yourself:

There is hidden and meaningful cause will be there for every incident that happens in our daily life. If any unavoidable situation occurred or unfortunate incident happens, doesn’t start blame yourself or others? Just try to remember that there is some positive force and this incident may bring some change in your life near future.

Time decides:

Just time matters, if you are facing more and more obstacles in your journey means you are approaching your destination. Today whatever your thinking negative will become positive and may brings fortune to your life.

perception keep changes:

Things always happen in right way only, but our perception differs, our way of looking the things will change time to time.

Just keep moving whatever you want, will come to you one day and that day if you rewind your past opinions , you can see the difference in the your thinking time to time …

So always remember you are here to do your best, remaining things will happen without your intention.

Even clock in not working condition shows correct time twice a day.

Even the door that pushed hardly will come back with double speed, then why can’t we come back from problems with positive approach?

Keep moving…

Hats off to the Mother Redefined Motherhood

Its a far and small island surrounded by river in the state of Karnataka… Population of the island also hardly multiple of ten… A Women became pregnant and enjoying  her motherhood and very much eager and enthusiastic to give birth to her baby… Finally the days for delivery approaching..

Unfortunately its the rain season and there is no way to get proper hospital as it is a small island.

There is no way to reach other side of the river except a small boat made up of wooden sticks.

The most saddest thing is that the island surrounded by floods and no one has dare to reach other side of the river.

Days are going and there is no hope in the situation.

But the mother don’t want to give any risk to her baby.. whatever may be the situation she wants to deliver her baby in a safe place in presence of hospital.

Even she is ready to die for the sake of baby safety and took final decision that she will reach other side by her own made boat..

First all villagers opposed her decision but she is very firm in her decision and finally she convinced all villagers.

All villagers made including her husband made arrangements for her travel and she started sailing in that heavy folded river and reached the other side..

From there a walk of 2 km to reach the hospital.. Finally she met the Hospital …

Then she told that there is no hesitation to die after giving birth to her baby…

Hats off to real mother… Finally both are Mother and baby are safe…