Best home made lip care tips

Rosy lips

Lips are most sensitive and will get affected badly with small changes in the weather. So follow basic tips to protect your lips in different seasons.

Lip balm:

If you are suffering from cracks on lips, just make your finger wet in water and gently touch your lips with finger. Apply lip balm after that.

Just apply lip balm during night time and leave it throughout the night.

Tooth paste:

Take one smooth tooth brush and apply some paste on it. Rub on lips in a oval shape with that brush. It will remove all dead cells and makes your lips smooth.

Fruit juices and water:

Take lots of water and fruit juices that have high vitamin C, this will keep your lips wet and hydrated.

Honey and olive oil mix:

Honey will acts as a natural moisturiser. Take one table spoon of Honey, two table spoons of sugar and one table spoon of olive oil Apply this mix on lips. This will keep your lips moisturised.



Treat eye dark circles Amazing tips


These are the effective home made tips to treat eye dark circles

Pine apple juice:

Apply pineapple juice around the eyes and wash it after 20 minutes. Do this regularly and all dark circles around the eye will disappear gradually.

Castor oil:

Castor oil has good moisturizing agent. Apply castor oil during night around the eyes and wash it in the morning.This will give soft and fair skin around the eye and eye dark circles disappears.


Cut cucumber in round circle shape and keep it on eyes for 15 minutes. It will yield good result for eye dark circles problems

Honey and ginger:

Honey will acts as a natural moisturizer and ginger will help to increase blood circulation around the eyes.

Mix honey and ginger to make it paste. Apply this paste around the eyes and massage it for some time. Wash with warm water after one hour.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is a good solution for dark circles. Fat that present in the coconut oil will helps in removing the dark circles. Apply coconut oil below the eyes and wash it after half an hour.

Rose water:

Rose water keeps skin young. Apply rose water around the dark circles and wash after 10 will removes all dark circles and gives good look.

Egg white:

Egg white makes skin tight and by there reduces the dark circles. Apply egg white around the dark circles and wash after 10 will removes all dark circles and gives glowing skin.


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Surprising chocolate face packs beauty benifits


Many of us never heard about chocolate face packs.Chocolate is not only for activating your taste buds. It will give radiant glow to your beautiful face. Chocolate has flavonoids and magnesium which will protect the skin and make it glowing.

Anti oxidants that are present in the chocolates will keep skin hydrated and make fresh look to skin.

These are various chocolate face packs :

Chocolate and olive oil:

Take 50 grams of chocolate powder and mix it with water. Boil this mix until it becomes thick. Put some olive oil and egg yellow to this mix and stir well. Apply this mix on face and wash after fifteen minutes.

Milk and chocolate:

Take chocolate powder and mix with water. Boil it for some time. Mix two table spoons of salt and little amount of milk. This mix can be used as scrub. Salt will be useful to remove dead cells from the skin.

Tip to remove scratches:

Mix some milk in Chocolate powder and apply on the skin. Follow this twice a week’s, it will cure scratches and pimple on the skin.

Honey and chocolate powder:

For fresh skin, Mix some milk, oats powder and honey with chocolate powder and apply on the skin. Wash it after 15 minutes.Honey will acts moisturizer and chocolate will give shiny look.

Other Beauty benefits of chocolates:

  • Chocolate will useful to protect your foot also.
  • Chocolate will cures the pimples on face
  • Chocolate face packs protect your skin from high sunlight exposures.
  • Chocolate will acts as a natural moisturizer
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin E that are present in the chocolate won’t allow wrinkles on your skin and keeps your skin young.
  • Flavonoids in the chocolates also help in keep wrinkles away from your skin.

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Unrevealed tricks for 21 kilos weight loss

Weight loss is not a big deal and proven by a movie actress and she lost 21 kilos in four months. Below are the secrets which she followed and got very pretty physic.

Try these unrevealed secretes:

Balanced diet that fits:
The most effective diet is one that involves nothing but home-cooked meals.

Prefer Juices:

Vegetable and fresh fruit juices (minus added sugar) that are automatically improve the health of your skin and hair. Some Indians prefers Neem and holy basin juice which is healthier than any other fluid in the morning.

Less Carbohydrate:
Most overweight people have trouble fighting their craving for carbohydrates. Then can depend on rotis which are made up of wheat and other multigrain.


Heavy breakfast:

This is a very good technique for weight loss. Heavy breakfast will let you take lass lunch and even less dinner.

Either a large bowl of fruits or peanut butter and jelly toast or toast with Nutella is good choice for heavy breakfast.

Lunch with proteins and fibre foods:

Chicken (either tandoori roasted or in a light gravy), made with minimal oil and masala.

Couple of bowls of dal and curd with craving kicked in.
Don’t forget to take fibre intake by snacking on a bowl of salad along with lunch.

While modifying your diet, you should keep immunity in mind.

Kale and spinach are loaded with antioxidants, and are a great way to detox.

Aloe Vera juice is the other miracle super food.

Spinach and eggs will helps to meet vitamin E requirement.

Simple exercises:

You need not try hard if you really not that much fit. Prefer small workouts which will make difference.

You can start the day with a long morning walk.

In the afternoons or evenings, you can be at the gym doing about 15 minutes of cardio exercises followed by 40 minutes of weight training. Sometimes you  can replace weight training with functional training on certain days.

You can choose your favourite sports, like badminton and volleyball.
The other alternative, especially if you like music, is to exercise or dance to music. Remember, every form of movement contributes to burning calories.


No major changes required in your life style.

Ensure to wake up in the early morning and go for morning walk.

Early dinner and timely sleep.

If your feel sleepy on a certain day, you can take a power nap of 20 minutes. Train yourself to listen to your body.

Finally Lots of water which will keep you toxin free and fit.

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Kill stress before it kills you


In our busy life, we may come across many form of Stress and these stresses can affect your physical and mental health greatly. Apart from stress symptoms like headaches and loss of appetite, stress can also affect your health in the long run.

These are the stress symptoms that affect different parts of the body and should not be ignored.
Stress symptoms of the head:

Depression, anxiety, mood swings, and negative thoughts and sleep disorders.
Stress symptoms of the heart and lungs:

Fluctuation, heart health, palpitations, high blood pressure and heart problems.

Stress symptoms on the skin:

Sweating, eczema, psoriasis.

Stress symptoms on muscle:

Loss of muscle functioning like stiffness, structure, soreness.

Stress symptoms for the digestive system:

Chronic ulcer, loss of appetite and irritable bowel syndrome.

Stress symptoms for the reproductive system:

Lack of sexual drive, decrease in testosterone and erectile dysfunction.

Stress symptoms for overall health:

Immunity levels drops paving the way for diseases.

Most of us tend to overlook digestive problems, mood swings and tiredness. We tend to pop a pill to cure these ailments, but it’s time to suppress them by reducing stress. Instead of taking care of temporary solution, treat the root cause of all aliments that is stress. Stress free life equals to healthy life.

“Kill the stress before it kills you”.

Hair style APPs makes party make up easy


When Ever you attend parties and function, you will give importance to make up. This make up includes face packs and dressing styles. But many of us ignore hair style which plays a major role and reflects your beauty.

Every time it’s not possible to go to parlor for getting desired hair style. Hence these hair style apps will help you to save your time and money.

Best trending Hair style apps in the market:

Instyle APP:

This App built with 250 photos. Whenever you connect to net, it will update latest Photos and videos with different hair styles. Latest Hollywood hair styles will appear in your app. It will suggest which hair style suitable for you based on your age and your face.

Hair styling APP:

You can make your hair style by just seeing the hair style; you need to follow step by step to get your favorite style. Based on your hair type, it will show suitable hair styles and step by step procedure.

I love your hair APP:

You may love one kind of hair style, but you can decide on yourself whether it’s suitable to you or not? In such cases, you can download i love your hair APP. This fantastic APP has different types of wizards. You need to just upload your photo and select your Favorited hair style. It will show your picture with hair style and you can decide which most suitable style is for you.

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Drink more fluids to stay healthy


Seven to Eight to glasses of fluids per day is recommended for everyone. But we usually drink water after breakfast and lunch and we tend to skip drinking water during working hours.

But it’s not the right way, you need keep water bottle always with you and sip water for every half an hour. If you get bored with water, you can chose some beverages to fulfill the water requirement of the body.
Alternatives drinks to water:
Lemon Water:

One should either drink warm water or water at room temperature. If you have existing digestive problems, cold water can just make it worse. Squeeze lemon, wedges into your water for a good flavor if you get bored with water.

Avoid coffee or try decaffeinated coffee:

Coffee as a rule isn’t the best drink and can dehydrate you. If you like to drink decaf, make sure that it is water processed. And use a small amount of milk if necessary, but keep minimum sugar, honey or artificial sweeteners in the coffee.

Vegetable juice:

Vegetable juices are a great way of getting your daily dose of vegetables and fluids. Avoid canned juices and vegetable cocktails that contain high levels of salt. Celery, wheatgrass, cucumber, fennel, parsley, and other non-starchy vegetables are some excellent choices. If you enjoy the taste of vegetable juice, a home juicer is essential for you.

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Various herbal teas:

Caffeine-free herbal teas are an excellent form of fluids. Peppermint, chamomile, and caraway in particular improve digestion and reduce bloating. You can also go for green tea.

Smoothies is perfect start:

A smoothie, made of a combination of fresh or frozen fruits, a scoop of protein powder and skim milk, is a great way to start the day. If you are used to coffee or something sweet in the morning, you may find that a power smoothie gives you more sustained energy.

Fruit juices:

In general, it is better to eat fruit than drink it. In liquid form, the sugar in the fruit juice is absorbed into the bloodstream relatively quickly. So, it is better to try diluting fruit juice with water. Choose fruits that are not high in sugar content.


Protect health in busy office schedules


Many job holders and students always busy with their daily routine. They always think of their duties and never care for their health. Finally All these silly mistakes will end of with ill health. So it’s better to know simple dos and don’ts to keep focus on your health while busy with your routine work.

Bed coffee or tea:

Many will have a habit of bed coffee or tea. But this coffee and tea in the early hours of morning will fill your stomach with caffeine. Instead of coffee, drink two glasses of water, it will clean your digestive system.

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You should eat Good quantity of breakfast. Don’t take fried, masala and oil items in the breakfast. If you prefer these items it should be of limited quantity.

Vegetables good option:

Watermelon, carrots, corns and other vegetables will be a good option for breakfast and these vegetables will adds energy to your body. Anti oxidants available in the vegetables will throughout free radicals from the body.


Many will finish lunch in a hurry mood and never spend sufficient time to chew food. This will fill stomach with air. This fast eating will slows down the digestion process and gives stomach diseases.

3 Hours break:

There should be at least 3 hours difference between breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.


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Curd face packs for smooth skin tone


Hot weather conditions, high stress levels and lack of sufficient proteins in the body may damage skin acne and cause bad skin tone. Curd is the effective remedy to maintain good skin tone and to keep kin hydrated.

Simple Curd alone:

Apply curd on the skin and have bath after ten minutes with hot water, it will improves the skin tone and keep skin hydrated.

Curd, orange and red gram mix:

Soak some red gram in one fourth cup of curd and grind it to make paste. Peel the orange skin and dry that orange skin and grind it make powder. Now mix one table spoon of honey with orange skin powder and curd, red gram mix.

Apply this on face and wash it with cold water after 15 minutes. It will glowing skin. If you do the same once a week, it will improve the skin acne.

Honey, cocoa powder and curd:

If the skin losing its acne and skin tone due to hot and pollution. Just take four table spoons curd, one table spoon cocoa powder and one table spoon of honey and mix it.

Apply this paste on face and wash after some time. This will give good skin tone and improves acne


Educate your children to money management


Knowing money value is very important and we see many spend thrifts in our daily life and they don’t even bother from where they are getting money, simply they will spend some ones hard earned money.

If you want your children to lead their life happily without any major financial crisis, do not give them lots of money, instead teach them the value of money.

These are some basics or ethics for efficient money management.

Teach the moral values:

Teach your children how to respect their work and nothing in this world comes as freebie. Everything will comes through hard work only.

Be yourself as role model:

You are the role model for your children and how your spending money matters. Whatever way you are following, your children will imitate the same.

So be like an ideal parent and whatever you teach them through words, you should reflect in your deeds also. Your children follow your deeds than your words. So spend money carefully and in an ideal way.

Discuss about money matters with children:

Frequently discuss money matters with your children and let them understand it.Whenever you are going for a shopping, just take them along with you. Just explain the offers and rates and how to bargain in local markets.

Say no to spend on unwanted things:

If they buy any costly and unwanted thing and ask you to pay the money after wards. Then say no firmly. If you pay immediately, they never understand the value of money. Ask them to discuss with you before buy any costly things.

Thus these money ethics and common sense teaches everyone efficient money management,it applicable for children as well as elders.

You follow first and then your children will follow you.Be a role model to your children.

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