Make 5 homemade long lasting deodorants


Many girls won’t go out without make ups and without deodorants. But many people get allergies also with these doe’s and perfumes.

You can make your own deodorant at home to avoid all allergies and side effects with artificial perfumes and deodorants.

You can make 5 homemade long lasting deodorant spray very quickly.

Cooking soda:

Just mix some water in cooking soda. You can mix some corn floor also. This corn and cooking soda mix will absorb all bad smells from clothes. Hence you can apply this mix to your clothes before out.

Rose water:

Pour some drops of lavender oil in rose water.After bath apply this fresh water to your hands, chest and sweat prone areas of your fresh body. This will gives you good felling to your body and keeps you fresh throughout the day. You can enjoy Pleasant smell of lavender and rose and this has no side effects.

Sandal powder:

Sandal powder has many anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. Just mix some amount of sandal powder in few drops of water and apply on the sweat areas of the body.

After some time wash this and wear your clothes. Sandal powder prevents the sweat and also spreads fragrance.

Coco powder:

Mix she butter, baking soda in equal amounts and also mix some corn floor and coco powder in it. After that take all these powders and warm it on stove with one spoon of vitamin E. Take this mix into a bowl and keep it in refrigerator.

Now apply this cream after bath. This will acts a perfect natural deodorant.

Cucumber juice:

Soak some cotton buds in cucumber juice and keep this in refrigerator for 4 hours. After that take buds out and rub with these buds under arms and sweaty area. Once this juice got dried up, you can wear clothes. Cucumber juice will acts astringent and absorbs all the bad smell. This juice also keeps sweat away.

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