Building blocks of Nation….

What are the major systems that rule a country and build the nation?

There are 5 systems starting with political system, law and order by police, courts and judgments, media and students.

Political system which decides the nation fate and responsible for development and should lead the nation in proper development way without being corrupted. They are ruler and should rule the nation as a democratic way. if the politician are for money making how the funds will reach the poor.

Law and order systems are meant for the people and save the people from illegal forces. Illegal forces ruling the law and order and how people of the nation can be safe?

Courts and Judgement systems should provide the justice to the people and Law and order should be independent system of political system. People should have a faith in law system, then only there will be a meaning to the democratic nation

Media is the system which directly reaches the people and should be moral and transparent and mostly positive. They should not depends on the TRP rating.TRP has no meaning when the core values and transparency is not there.

Students are back bone of a country and should closely watch the nation’s direction. If the nation is being direct wrongly media and students should bring back the nation to proper development direction


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