Best tips for digital detox which keeps relations alive

In this Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012 photo, passengers operate their smartphones on a subway in Seoul, South Korea. Across the entire population, South Korea’s government estimated 2.55 million people are addicted to smartphones, using the devices for 8 hours a day or more, in its first survey of smartphone addiction released earlier this year. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

Digital detoxification is new word for many people, but it’s necessary element for everyone.These are best tips for digital detox and keeps relations alive. We know detoxification, it’s nothing but a process of removing unnecessary toxins in our body.Whever excess of toxins stored in the body, it leads many diseases and health problems. Hence we will do detoxify our body.

Digital detoxification also same but we need to our self .This is drug for digital addiction. What is digital addiction? It’s also like drugs, alcoholic addictions, once a person addicted to these things, he can’t live even a single minute without those things. Same way digital addiction is the addition to digital things like smart phone, laptops, internet, social networks like Facebook, whatsapp, selfie ext.

Symptoms of digital addiction:

Digital adductors also get same kick as normal alcoholic addiction. If they get more likes for their selfie, they will get peek kick.

Expecting huge number of likes for their selfie.

Frequently checking their mobile phone

Look for new mails and new likes in whatsapps, Facebook every fifteen minutes and get disappoint if no updates.

Watching YouTube videos always and spent lots of time on internet.

All these are the symptoms of digital addiction and the drug for these diseases is digital detoxification.

It’s nothing but maintain some distance to loved smart phone, tabs.

Remedies for digital detoxification:

Use your digital things when required only.

Don’t try to answer every mail and whats-app messages.

Check mains and updates at specific times only and 3 or 4 times a day.

Keep the Smartphone away in bed room.

Start spending one hour without any digital thing in a day.Dedicate one day in a week for this activity.

Last but not least follow apps for detoxification, but don’t addict to these apps also.

To keep human relations alive digital detox is mandatory.

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