Surprising weight loss tips

weight loss is never ending process for some people.This article presents surprising weight loss tips to reduce weights with out much efforts.

Use small size plates:

As per research people tend to eat more when they use large plates and size of food taken by the people is proportional to the size of the plate. So it’s better to use small plates for eating

Never skip breakfast or meals:

Don’t skip breakfast as if you take breakfast, hunger will spread evenly throughout the day.

Some amount of fat will be stored in the body for the future use if there is lack of food. If have habit of avoiding meals, the amount of fat that stored also increases.

Don’t keep your stomach idle more than 5 hours:

The more gap in between the meals ,you will more after long break.Frequent meals keeps you less hunger and you will eat less.

Drink lots of water:

The lots of water in your body ensure less oxidants in body.It removes all toxins from body and keep you fit.

Healthy diet:

Practice walk for reaching bus stop and use stairs whenever possible. Spend time to do household things on holidays and weekends

Eat right food avoid junk:

Eat as much green vegetable and protein food .avoid junk crackers, cakes cookies, pasta and pizzas.



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