why you should not eat fruits at night


Many of us prefer to eat fruits after meal. But we don’t know what quantity of fruits we should consume and when to eat. As per the nutritionist opinion we should eat 3 cups of fruits each day.

If we take in three slots it will healthier. We need to finish all 3 slots before evening .Don’t eat fruits during night dinner. If you want to know why should we skip fruits during dinner, and then read this material.

Between lunch and dinner:

Yes this is idle time to eat fruits. Eat fruits after breakfast and before lunch. Just keep one hour gap between fruits and lunch.

In weekends fill 90 % of breakfast with fruits. Try apple and papaya as these fruits have more carbo hydrates content.

When you feel hungry or weak, just eat your favourite fruit, these fruits carbo hydrates and fructose turned into glucose will supply good instant energy to body.

Don’t mix with meal:

If you have a habit of eating fruit after meal, immediately stop it.Dont take fruit along with breakfast and lunch.

Normally fruits will digest very easily, but when you mix fruits with your meal, fruits will cause indigestion and also creates gastric troubles.

Many buffets usually have fruit salads along with deserts and ice creams. Having one or two pieces of fruits is ok, but having full fruits with meal is not at all good for your wealthy health.

What about dinner??

Dinner is not right time to have fruits at all. Every fruit has fructose. When you consume fruits, this fructose will turn into glucose and supply instant energy to body.

During night time this instant energy is not good for relaxation and it also spoils your good sleep.

Hence prefer fruits before evenings and in between meal, not along with meal.

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