King Medical plant Sweet basil 9 benefits


Sweet basil herb known as king of all medical plants because of rich health benefits of all parts of sweet basil plant.

Sweet basil seeds also known as Sabja Seeds, Sabza Seeds, Tukmaria Seeds, Tulsi Seeds and Falooda Seeds in Hindi.

This plant has unique sweet fragrance. All the parts of this plant have good medical values. Sweet smelled aromatic oil can be extracted from this plant.

It’s soft, green and pointed leaves are often said to resemble peppermint.

2 unique substances:

Sweet Basil or Thai basil contains two important, health-giving substances, flavonoids and volatile oils.

This plant has very unique flavonoids called Orientin and vicenin. These two flavonoids protect anti oxidants that in turn protects cell damage.

Sweet basil seeds also protect skin and body from radiation.

Mineral ore:

This basil plant has many rich minerals and vitamins. It has vitamin K, beta carotene, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

These are unique and amazing health benefits of sweet basil herb:

Cooling agent:

Thai basil will keep body cool and also helps to prevent blood motions.

Pain Reliever:

It also heals body pains and also cures all other swallow in the body.

Breathe problems:

Thai basil used to cure Asthma and other breathe related problems also.

Piles Treatment:

Sweet basil useful to prevents Piles and ganeria.

Safe kidney functionality:

This basil improves the functionality of the kidneys.


This plant also quickly cures fever, cold and cough.

Aromatic food:

It also used as aromatic herb to give good smell to food items.

Improve Sperm count:

This basil also improves the sperm count and boon for couples that are looking for children.

Healthy food preservative:

We know many food preservatives have good number of side effects.Scientist while experimenting for toxin free food preservatives they have found that Thai basil as the best herb.

It can be used as food preservatives with out any side effects.

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