Maintain thick and beautiful eye brows


Eye brows will reflect the beauty of the face and eye brows are the first thing that seen on face.

Due to pollution and different cosmetics that used frequently hair strains falls. Thin hair brows won’t give good look. If you can follow some tips, you can get thick and strong well shaped hair brows.


Milk has lots of vitamins and proteins. So milk will help in hair growth. Take some cotton and dip it in milk. Apply this milk on the hair brows with the help of the cotton before going to sleep.


Soak some Fenugreek throughout the night and grind it to make paste. Apply this paste on hair brows before bath.


Onion has good amount of sulphur. Sulphur will help in the hair growth. Apply the onion juice on the hair brows with the help of the cotton. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash with cold water.


Apply Alovera juice and wash after half an hour. It will give help in good hair growth.

Coconut milk:

Apply coconut milk on the hair brows with the help of the cotton before sleep.

Olive and coconut oil:

Massage on hair brows with olive and coconut oil mix. It will give good results.

Apart from the above the tips, applying Vaseline twice a week also good remedy.

Take food that contain vitamin C, B and vitamin E

Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.










Corn face pack for instant skin glowing


Dead cells and rough skin are the reasons for dull skin and will effects the skin acne.

You can try corn scrubs for glowing skin and get rid of dead cells. As corn is rich in vitamin E, which is essential for skin health, it will improve your skin acne and also removes all pimples.

Corn scrub:

Take equal amount of sugar, oat meal powder, salt, corn floor and cocoa powder and mix with quarter cup of milk. Apply it to the body and rub gently for some time. This will remove all dead cells from the skin and gives good glowing skin.

For hair:

Corn oil is the good solution for the weak hair and dry hair.Anti oxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E and lycopeen in the corn oil will help hair growth.Massgae on the skull with corn oil ,it will help to produce follicles which will improves the hair growth

Corn face pack for instant results:

If you are preparing for some party and want a quick result, then you can go for corn face pack.Take two table spoon of corn floor, one table spoon of honey and egg white ,mix thoroughly to make paste. Apply this on face as mask and let it dry for ten minutes. Then wash gently with cold water, it will give you instant glowing.

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Tips for smooth and beautiful legs


Your foot may become dry during summer season, may be become black when lots of sweat and soil keep accumulated on your foot.Follow these Tips for smooth and beautiful legs

These are the tips to regain your foot beauty.

Water and Ice cubes:

If are fed off with sweat on foot, then take some water in bucket and put some ice cubes in. Keep your foot in that water and soak them for 15 mintues.Then clean with smooth cloth. This technique gives relief to foot cracks

Coconut oil:

Apply coconut oil for foot in summer season. This will keep your foot hydrated and removes all dead cells from foot.

Before going to sleep apply coconut oil and wear socks, it will make you foot smooth.

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Warm water and petroleum jelly:

Wash you foot in warm water and let it dry. Apply petroleum jelly or moisture on foot. Massage gently for 5 minutes. Blood circulation to foot area increases and makes the foot smooth.

If you wear shoe every day, keep your shoe clean, other it will give bad smell to your foot.

Milk and roses:

Take warm milk and put some rose flowers and keep the foot in that milk for 20 minutes. It will give beautiful foot

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Pineapple beauty benifits


Pineapple is available everywhere and for all seasons has unique health benefits. It has rich fiber content along with the proteins. We know its health benefits, but it also has unique beauty benefits.

Pineapple  beauty benefits

Acts a toner with milk:

Pineapple is good for beauty treatment because of its higher vitamin level.

Mix pineapple paste with one table spoon of milk and apply on face. Let it dry for some time and wash the face. It will clean up the skin and gives you glowing skin.

Face packs:

As Pineapple has good amount of potassium and antioxidants, it can be used to purify the skin and beauty purposes.

Mix pineapple juice with 2 table spoon of green gram powder and apply that paste on face and keep it for 15 minutes. Wash with cold water you can get clean and glowing skin

Mix pineapple juice with 1 table spoon of sugar and one table spoon of honey and apply on face, keep it for 10 minutes and wash with cold water.

If you do this regular, your skin tone will change gradually and your face will glow

Cures nail problems:

When you nails are breaking, drying up and changing color, you can treat with Pineapple. Soak your nails in pineapple juice for 10 minutes, it will clean your nails and gives beautiful nails

Treat Cracks on foot:

For treating crack on your foot, mix pineapple juice with lemon juice, a bunch of grape and salt, apply gently on cracks. Do the same for 2 weeks .you can that cracks will disappear completely.

Natural Cure for Chapped Lips:

Pineapple, when used along with coconut oil, offers relief from chapped lips. Pineapple as well as coconut oil possesses skin hydrating and nourishing properties. Heal your chapped lips, soften them, and gift them with that ever nourished glow with a pineapple and coconut oil mixture.

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Rose petals for quick party makeup


Rose flower will be available all the seasons and also acts as a good beauty agent.

These are techniques to use Rose petals to shine your beauty.

For quick party make up:

When you have short time to prepare for a party, you can try this. Take Rose petals from two rose flowers and crush the rose petals to get paste. Take one fourth cup of Multani mitti, one table spoon of milk and one table spoon of honey, mix with rose flower paste. Apply this on face as mask. Wash after some time. It will give quick shine.


Take one or two red rose flowers and dry them in sunlight. Grind the dried flower petals to make powder. Mix rose powder with one spoon of sandalwood powder and soaks it in milk for some time. Apply this paste on face, it gives clears skin and removes all pimples.

Dead cells:

To remove dead cells from the skin, soak rose flower in milk and make it like a paste. Mix one table spoon of honey, little rice floor and flax seed oil with the rose mix. Apply this skin and face, It removes all the dead cells and gives clear and shiny skin.



Manicure:Adds beauty to Your Beautiful nails


. A manicure consists of filing, shaping of the free edge, pushing (with cuticle pusher) and clipping (with cuticle nippers) any nonliving tissue (limited to cuticle and hangnails) from the nail plate, treatments, massage of the hand and the application of polish.

Nails should grow healthy when it’s provided with Moisture and proteins, that’s what manicure treatment will do exactly.

How it works?

The basic idea is to use of nail moisturizers and clear polish proteins is essential for perfect growth

Various steps of process:

Lotion rubbing:

At beginning a lotion is rubbed on the hand before submersion into the paraffin bath. The hand is usually dipped more than once to allow a thicker wax coat to form, making the coating stays warm for longer and less likely to break or tear prematurely.

Paraffin Bath:

Hands can be dipped in melted paraffin wax for softening and moisturizing. Paraffin wax is used because it can be heated to temperatures of over 95 °F (35 °C) without burning or injuring the hand.

The intense heat allows for deeper absorption of emollients and essential oils. The wax is usually infused with various botanical ingredients such as Aloe vera, chamomile, tea tree oil and azulene. Fruit waxes such as peach, apple and strawberry are often used in salons.

Dipping in Wax:

After that hand have been dipped in the wax, they are wrapped in either plastic or aluminium foil, or a special type of plastic bag or glove then covered with towel or special mitten to retain warmth. The hands are left for a few minutes before the paraffin is cooled and dried.

Hot oil manicure:

A hot oil manicure is a specific type of manicure that cleans the cuticles and softens them with oil. It works well for dry skin and nails that are brittle as it improves them both by leaving them soft and pliable.

Types of oils that can be used are mineral oil, olive oil or commercial preparation in an electric heater.

Several shapes of nails:

There are several nail shapes – the basic shapes are oval, square oval, pointed, almond, round, square, square with rounded corners, and straight with a rounded tip.

The square oval shape is sometimes known as a “squoval”, a term coined in 1984.The squoval is considered a sturdy shape, useful for those who work with their hands.

Benefits of manicure:

Manicure prevents wrinkles on the nails

Massaging with cream increases the blood circulation in hands, using acupressure techniques, which improves the health of skin?

Any damages in nails like fragile tips, wear and tear, and splits can be prevented.

Hangnails are removed.

It increases the flexibility and suppleness of wrist and hands
you will get Tidy, shaped and strong nails with glow.

It will take care of any skin problem

Use of wax, oils, creams to cleanse, exfoliate and improve the texture of nails and skin.

To conclude the manicure, in most cases, the manicurist applies at least one layer of either clear polish meant to strengthen weak nails or several layers of colour polish and top coat. A manicure is usually finished with a hand massage using hand lotion or oils.

Be far away from Enemies for your sweet sleep

Sleep is very important to stay healthy apart from food and exercise,but there are many mistakes we will do that spoils our sleep.Sleep is required for not only for health,but also for your beauty.


Avoid Spicy Foods:

Eating spicy foods at dinner and right before bedtime can increase your chance of heartburn throughout the night. This discomfort will likely keep you from sleeping soundly. Keep the hot sauce off your dinner table and be extra cautious of spicy foods within three hours of lights-out.

Don’t eat cheese and Tomatoes:

Red wine, soy-sauce, Tomatoes and aged cheeses are rich in an amino-acid called tyramine. Tyramine triggers the brain to release the chemical norepinephrine – a stimulant that makes your mind race and keeps you away from falling asleep.

Away from Alcohol:

Many of us think that a peg of Alcohol during night will help you sleep at night. This is only half true. One drink before bed might help you doze off, but it interferes with your sleeping patterns later in the night. This deep cycle of sleep is important in helping your brain with concentration, memory, and fine motor skills. You should avoid drinking alcohol two to four hours before bedtime.

Avoid sweets:

Sugar is the major harm for your sweet sleep. But why is sugar so harmful to your sleep routine? Sweets cause your blood sugar to spike and then plummet as the body releases insulin into your system to counteract sugar intake. These changing blood sugar levels can make it hard to stay asleep through the night. Refrain from eating sweets and candy two to three hours before bedtime.

Don’t tempt for Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and can be quite healthy for your heart when consumed in moderation. However, it’s best to enjoy this tasty treat as an afternoon snack.  Dark chocolate, along with cocoa and some teas, contains caffeine. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, these delicious items could prevent you from getting the shut-eye you need. Refrain from consuming items with naturally occurring caffeine four to six hours before turning in for the night.

Don’t go for Heavy Meals:

Heavy meals and meals that are high in protein and marbled fat digest extremely slowly. Going to sleep while your body is still digesting that large dinner can result in a restless night. Try to set dinnertime at least three hours before bedtime, but if you have to eat late in the evening, make sure you keep things light.

Carbonated Soft Drinks:

Sodas are generally high in caffeine. Unlike coffee, teas, and chocolate where caffeine occurs naturally, you can check the label on these caffeine-added drinks to make sure they won’t rob you of sleep. To avoid sleepless nights, make sure you do not drink caffeinated beverages less than four hours before going to bed.

Egg yolk:Replacement for plastic surgery

Apply egg oil (egg yolk oil) or egg white twice a day for a week or until the burn wound is completely healed. Egg oil treatment showed abundant re-epithelialization on second or third degree burns without tissue scar.

Egg oil has many vital nutrients including essential Omega-3 fatty acids like Docosahexaenoic Acid, anti-oxidants like lutein & zeaxanthin and immunoglobulins which showed rapid healing in rats

It may also be combined with Silver Sulfadiazine for slow release.

Rapid action:

Skin is a lipid membrane and is composed of sub units of fats called fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential for skin regeneration and healing. The fatty acid profile of egg yolk oil matches very closely to that of skin and hence it integrates well into the skin and aids faster re-epithilisation. In addition, egg oil has the essential fatty acids like the Omega 3 (DHA) and Omega 6 acids, which are not produced in the body in sufficient amount and have to be supplied externally. There are a very few natural sources of the essential fatty acids, egg oil being one of the richest. Because of cholesterol, it is absorbed to a much greater extent.


Skin guards us from infection by millions of pathogenic bacteria present in the environment. A burn injury to the skin breaks the dermis and exposes the inner membranes. This makes them prone to infection. All the burn medications focus on preventing any further infection as they incorporate many anti bacterial agents.


A burn injury scars the psyche of the patient. The pain might go and the wound may heal but the sight of scar is a constant reminder of the trauma for the patient. Egg oil has the power to make the scars go forever.


Egg oil is a completely natural product. It is well tolerated on the skin. A study conducted at the Institute for experimental Dermatology, University Witten-Herdecke by Professor Tronnier proved that egg oil caused no irritation to the skin and improved the skin surface in terms of increasing suppleness, smoothness and decreasing scaliness and wrinkles.

Other Natural techniques:

Use cool water: Stick the burned area under cool running water for 10-15 minutes; if you can still feel the burning sensation, then your skin is still being burned. Avoid using very cold water, as this can damage the skin around the burn

Add a cold compress: If cold water isn’t an option, use a cold compress or ice pack wrapped in a towel and placed over your burn. Never apply ice or your compress directly to the burn, as this will damage the skin.

Take a pain reliever: Use an over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin, or naproxen. If the pain and swelling does not dissipate after several hours, take another dose of the medication. Avoid giving aspirin to young children or if you are recently recovering from the flu or chickenpox.

Use a salt solution:Help to heal your burn and keep it clean by rinsing it every hour with a salt solution. Mix one tablespoon of salt with an 8oz cup of warm water and allow it to cool. Then, slowly pour the solution over your burned skin.

Try using black tea: Black tea contains tannic acid, which helps to draw heat from the deepest part of your burn. It therefore speeds the healing process and may remove some of your pain. Soak a few black tea bags (it doesn’t matter what kind) in water and then place them on your burn. You can also choose to dab strongly brewed tea onto your burn with a washcloth.

Use aloe vera: Aloe vera is a type of plant that excretes a clear gel used to treat burns. Use the gel directly from a live plant or find a processed gel from a local drugstore. Apply in a thin layer (it won’t rub in) to the area of the burn.

Soak your burn in milk: Milk, especially nonfat milk, contains special enzymes that help to reduce pain and speed up the healing of your burns. Place your burned area in a bowl of milk for 15 minutes, or soak a cloth in the milk and allow it to rest on your burn. Be sure to rinse the area with cool water after soaking.

Apply a little honey: Honey works to kill bacteria that might be in the burn and draws moisture from your skin, which helps to soothe the burnt area. Spread a thin layer of honey over your burn or dab some on gauze before wrapping the area.

Wrap the burn in gauze: Although you may not need to apply a bandage to a first degree burns, second degree burns may require a wrap to keep out infection. Use gauze, not cotton which sticks, to cover the burn. This should be changed daily and removed when the burn has healed. 

Treatment for Major Burns:

Major Burns should not attempt to be treated at home, and require immediate treatment by a professional. Call for an ambulance or visit your doctor or an emergency room immediately.