Best hair oils to deliver best hair benifits



Applying oil for hair is always good approach for health hair. Best hair Oils will supplies essential nutrients to hair and strengthen the roots. Thus it helps in hair fall control and gives strong and lustrous hair.

Many hair oils are available in market; you can choose suitable oil based on your hair type. These are some good hair oils.

Goose berry or Amla oil:

Goose berry oil is good for nourishing hair roots, Hair roots absorb the Vitamin C directly from goose berry oil. Apply the goose berry oil on skull and gently massage with fingers. It will cure dandruff and controls hair fall. It also gives relief from head ache.

Avocado oil:

Avocado oil is natural oil and it has many essential nutrients like amino acids, patty acids, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. If you massage gently with avocado oil on your skull, it will acts deep conditioner. It wills strengths the roots and gives good shining.

Olive oil:

Olive has full of anti oxidants and it will help for hair growth. Better Chose extra virgin variant of olive oil. It stops hair fall and removes dandruff.

Rosemary oil:

Rosemary oil is good for hair growth and hair shining. It has all essential nutrients for hair growth.

Sweet almond oil:

Almond is good for thick hair growth and is rich in vitamin E. If you apply twice every week, it gives good results. It protects the hair from brittles in extreme weather condition and salt water.

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Natural hair thinning remedy wiki


Hair fall in early age very common now due polluted weather and stress in new life styles. It’s better to follow some basic homemade tips to avoid hair thinning instead of trying different trichology methods.

Natural hair thinning remedy wiki designed for your

  • Oil massage:

Many people never apply oil to their hair. But it’s recommended to apply oil frequently for hair roots.

Take equal quantity of sesame oil and olive oil and warm lightly. Now apply on hair and massage it for some. Massage will increase the blood circulations to hair roots and strengthen the root. It automatically reduces hair fall.

  • Hibiscus or Indian Coral Tree hair mask:

Dry is the problem in some cases. When your hair becomes dry, just try Indian Coral Tree also or Hibiscus.

Take a hand full of hibiscus petals and grind it to make paste. Now mix quarter cup of curd to hibiscus paste and apply to hair as mask. After twenty minutes take a towel and dip in hot water. Wrap that warm towel around the hair. After 10 minutes have a head bath with mild shampoo.

  • Green tea bath treatment:

Green tea is very good medicine for hair growth. Just take one green tea bag and keep it in hot water. Once water gets cooled remove green tea bag and pour that water on head. Make sure that water spreads across hair and full hair got wet. Take a head bath after one hour. Green tea has good amount of anti oxidants and these anti oxidants will helps for hair growth.

  •  Amla fenugreek hair mask:

Take Amla and grind it to get amla powder. Soak 5 table spoons of fenugreek in night. Next morning mix amla powder and fenugreek and mix thoroughly to get smooth paste. Apply this mix to hair and wait for half an hour, now take head bath with mild shampoo. You can see and feel the difference. It will change your hair into shiny and silky hair.

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streamy hair with natural home made shampoos


You can get steamy hair with natural home made shampoos. Many of us will change shampoo frequently and try different new shampoo available in market. But these shampoos will create new problems like hair loss, grey hair and dry hair. It’s always better to use homemade shampoos.

Baking soda:

Take two cups of water and mix with one and half spoon of baking soda. Just apply this as other shampoos and take shower. It will remove dandruff.

Lemon and cucumber:

Take one lemon and one cucumber. Peel the skin and mix both to make paste. Apply this paste to hair. Wash after some time.

Corn powder and baking soda:

Take one cup of water and mix with one table spoon of baking soda. Mix corn powder in this mix until it become solid. You can use this mix as daily shampoo. This will gives you thick and black hair.

Coconut and almond:

Take three fourth of baby shampoo and mix with one fourth cup of coconut milk and one spoon of almond oil. Apply this mix to hair and take shower bath.

Alovera and shikakai:

Take Alovera juice, Coconut oil and shikakai, mix this and you can use it as daily shampoo. It will keep hair healthy.



Coconut oil acts as faster skin moisture


In some seasons skin will become pale and dry for some people. Whatever may be the reason; if skin looks dry coconut oil is the good solution for that dry skin.

It will treat dry skin faster than costly moisture.

Dry skin:

Mix one table spoon of honey in warm coconut oil and apply on skin and then massage for some time. This will improve blood circulations to skin and improves the skin colour. It will keep the skin away from dryness.

Skin diseases:

Coconut oil has well known anti Fungal and anti bacterial properties and keeps the skin safe from all types of skin diseases.

Face glow:

Take warm coconut oil and mix with one spoon of baby oil and apply this on face. Massage gently in clockwise and anti clockwise for 10 minutes. It will acts as natural clencers.

Technique for Shiny and dark hair:

If you want black and shiny hair, take warm coconut oil and mix with one spoon of olive oil, one spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of hibiscus leaf powder. Apply this mix from roots to ends of the hair strands. Keep it for 10 minutes. Take one towel and dip in hot water, then squeeze the towel until all water goes away. Then tie that towel to hair before the warmness of the towel goes away.

It will take 2 or 3 minutes to spread the steam on hair, remove the towel after waiting 5 more minutes. It will give soft and shiny hair

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4 Natural techniques for hair straitening

straight hair

Some people want curly hair and some people like straight hair. If you want a straight hair, you can try some natural methods instead of trying hair straitening electric devices.

Coconut milk:

Coconut milk will acts a cream conditioner and will keep hair straight in a natural way for hair straitening

Take half cup of coconut milk and mix with two table spoons of lemon juice and apply this mix to hair.

Wash the hair after half an hour with warm water. You can apply this mixture twice in week; it will give you good results to get straight hair.


Take half cup of Alovera paste and mix with two table spoons of warm olive oil. Apply this on skull and massage gently .Wash it after 45 minutes. It will make the hair straight and smooth.


Egg not only improves hair growth and also gives shining to hair. Take 2 eggs and mix with one quarter cup of curd. Stir this mix until it becomes like cream. Apply this cream on hair and wash after half an hour with cold water and mild shampoo.Egg is best solution for hair straitening

Milk and honey:

Take one cup of milk and three table spoon of honey. Stir this mix thoroughly and apply on the hair. Wash with cold water after half an hour. Honey and milk acts as cleansing agents and make the hair soft and straight.

Home made hair spa for shiny lustrous hair


Hair spa will supply good nutrition to hair and make hair shiny. But every time we can’t go for beauty parlor for hair spa as we need to spend lot of money on it. You can try this entire hair spa in your home.

Olive Oil:

Just apply olive oil on the hair and massage gently for some time and leave it for 15 minutes. After that just take a towel and dip it in hot water. Just squeeze all water and just wrap the towel around hair. This will vaporise the hair. Take head bath with mid shampoo after that. This process will give good shiny look to hair.

Egg and coconut oil:

Proteins in the egg will help for good hair growth. Apply egg white to hair along with coconut oil. After some time apply banana crush from hair roots to ends and wrap a hot towel around the hair. Wash after 15 minutes with cold water. Vitamins, potassium and natural oils in the banana will make hair so soft. Have a bath with herbal shampoo to get good effect.

Coconut and olive oil:

Coconut has high amount of saturated fats. These saturated fats will penetrate into the roots of the hair and give good conditioning. Take a soft coconut mix and mix olive oil. Apply this mix to hair. Vaporise the hair for some Have bath after half an hour, to get good shiny hair.

Milk and olive oil:

Take a quarter cup of warm milk and mix little olive oil to it. Apply this mix to hair and massage it for some time. After 10 minutes massage vaporize the hair. Take white egg, one spoon curd, banana and one cup of grape crush. Mix all these and apply this pack to hair .Have a hair bath after half an hour. Follow this every 15 days once. You can get soft and shiny, lustrous long hair.

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5 ways for winter hair care

Winter season is enemy for hair, as hair will become dry and brittle. Also lose its shininess.Saving hair from winter is not a difficult task if you follow these small home remedies for winter hair care.


Hair Conditioner:

Hair loses hydration and become dry due to cold hair. Conditioner is best solution for this. Apply condition for daily to keep hair hydrated.Dont go for daily hair bath. Daily hair bath makes hair. Wear scarf while going outside to protect hair from dust and pollution.

Warm coconut oil:

Apply warm coconut oil on hair and massage gently for 10 minutes. Wear power cap or dip a towel in hot water and wrap the towel over hair. After one hour have a head bath with mild shampoo. This will acts as very good hair conditioner and make the hair hydrated always.

Avoid hair dryers:

Don’t comb or wrap hair immediately after head bath.Donot go out with wet hair which will damage your hair. Most importantly avoid using hair dryers. These hair dryers make you hair weak and damages badly.

Avoid Electrical hair tools:

Avoid using electrical hair tool to straighten hair or twist the straight hair. These tools will damage hair and cause hair fall. Don’t use too hot or too cold water for head bath. Hot water makes the dry. . Hence Warm is very good for hair. Better use warm water for hair bath.

Do n’t comb wet hair:

This is very well known fact, wet hair is very weak. So if you comb hard when hair it wet, it will break the hair. Use big bun combs for combing hair and wait until hair becomes dry for combing hair.

Follow these simple winter hair care remedies to avoid hair fall or hair damage during winter and have long and lustrous hair.

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Strong lustrous shiny hair tips


Not able to comb your hair:

If your are facing problem with un even hair, Take one banana and make it paste. Mix some milk to this paste and apply from roots to ends, It will give you soft and silky hair. You can easily comb your hair with this technique.

Strong hair growth:

Take coconut milk and mix with some rose water and lemon juice. Apply this mix to hair and wash after some time. This technique will stimulate the hair growth and you can get long ,loving and lavish hair.


Grind the ginger and take juice from it. Mix honey and egg white to ginger juice and apply on scalp.

Take head bath after one hour. Do the same weekly once to get rid of dandruff.

Hydrated and shiny hair:

Take raw milk and mix with basin powder and lemon juice. Apply this pack to hair and wash after one hour. It will keep your hair hydrated and gives you shiny hair.

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Hair style APPs makes party make up easy


When Ever you attend parties and function, you will give importance to make up. This make up includes face packs and dressing styles. But many of us ignore hair style which plays a major role and reflects your beauty.

Every time it’s not possible to go to parlor for getting desired hair style. Hence these hair style apps will help you to save your time and money.

Best trending Hair style apps in the market:

Instyle APP:

This App built with 250 photos. Whenever you connect to net, it will update latest Photos and videos with different hair styles. Latest Hollywood hair styles will appear in your app. It will suggest which hair style suitable for you based on your age and your face.

Hair styling APP:

You can make your hair style by just seeing the hair style; you need to follow step by step to get your favorite style. Based on your hair type, it will show suitable hair styles and step by step procedure.

I love your hair APP:

You may love one kind of hair style, but you can decide on yourself whether it’s suitable to you or not? In such cases, you can download i love your hair APP. This fantastic APP has different types of wizards. You need to just upload your photo and select your Favorited hair style. It will show your picture with hair style and you can decide which most suitable style is for you.

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Castor oil all in one for all hair problems


Hair thinning, hair greying and hair falling are major problems for many. Castor oil all in one solution for all hair problems.Castor oil is the best remedy for all hair problems. But you should know how to use it and you should bear its stickiness.

Omega 3 fatty acids:

Castor oil is full of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins. These are very crucial in keeping hair healthy.

When the hair fall problem is very high, just apply Castor oil to roots of the hair and massage thoroughly. As castor oil will be in thick, you need to massage it more time. This technique will increase the blood circulation to skull and also supply potential proteins to hair. Generally it’s better to apply this during night and take head bath in the morning.

If you feel it’s sticky, just apply almond oil first and then castor oil, then it’s easy to wash your hair

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Coconut oil and Castor oil for hair breakage:

When hair breaking, dry hair and dandruff are main problem, just take equal amount of coconut oil and mix it with one table spoon of lemon juice. Apply it on the hair.Anti bacterial nature of castor will cure dandruff. It also keeps the hair hydrated and will give fresh and healthy hair.

Hibiscus and castor mix for Hair greying:

When the problem is with hair greying, just take one quarter cup of coconut oil and 3 table spoon of hibiscus flower powder and boil it until the coconut becomes of half of the initial amount. Apply two table spoon of castor oil to this mix and apply to hair tonight. Take bath in the moring.Your hair colour gradually comes to black colour.

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