Why should we respect nature??

Nature has given everything to mankind and protecting mankind. in return what we are giving to nature?

We are stripping the old growth forests, polluting soils and rivers, sea and destroying eco systems with lots of gases and bio chemicals.

Contributing enough to global warming and spoiled the protecting OZONE layer…

Are we digging our self??Making harm to ourselves by making nature bad??

We can’t change the past but we can continue to educate and take action for a better future. Our children are this world’s future. A world without the vastness of nature as we know it would be a substandard one.

What are measures we need to take to protect nature and environments?

First and foremost thing is here is to learn to respect nature.

Grow the forests wherever is possible…

Use carpooling where is possible to save fuel and there by environment

Reduce use of plastic and non biodegradable things..

Dispose wastage from industries properly.

Don’t pollute rivers and sea.

Do recycling where is possible

And lastly

“If you protect the nature, nature will protect you”

Why Indian journalism is not positive enough?

Are the Indian newspapers and media channels doing their job? Why all the channels going behind TRP rating? TRP rating is the only way to become popular and to sustain?
Why they are not able to spread the positive news and approaching the people and trying to attract the people with negative news.
Answer to the entire question is same, all these channels owned by the politicians and their supporters. They always spread the news according their party and convert all the news in favor of their party.
Some News channel are famous for black mailing, if they get any news first they will bargain with the scammed and fix the price for not telecasting that news. If the deal is not successful they will give the flash news and won’t care for the facts
One more thing is that all the channels will compete for the flash news and give the first coverage to the news.
I am not blaming al the channels and media, but 70 to 80% channels will come under this category.
What we are expecting from these channels and media is that we won’t ask flash news but we want facts.
Influence the country and guide the people in right and positive direction. Don’t keep quite after elevating the problems also keep suggest the approach to solve problems in the society. Don’t highlight the news which is not good for the society.
Media should highlight the stories of successful men and also fill the positive thinking in the minds of the country men