7 diet & excercises keeps sharp mind

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Sharp mind

Brain  is very powerful organ. Mind has approximately 90 billion neurons which contains billions of fiber nerves. These nerves always flows signals to all parts of the body to perform all our daily activities.

In order to keep our mind functional and active we need to learn some basic mind friendly habits.

Sharp mind tips:


As we won’t eat anything throughout night to get activeness for the day we must take breakfast. Breakfast also well for short term memory improvements and mind alertness.

It’s better to have balanced breakfast instead of having heavy and high calories breakfast.


Fish is healthy food for brain as it has plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. To avoid strokes, dementia we should eat fish 2 to 3 times per week.

Vitamin E:

For good intelligence and for sharp brain Vitamin E is very good food. You should take nuts, seeds and amaranth leaves for getting good vitamin E. Take one ounce of sunflower seeds every day to get sufficient vitamin E.

Brain Games:

To make neurons active you need to give some exercise to your neurons.Yo can play Sudoku or some puzzles. Learning new language or learning new habit also good for brain.

Try to do mathematics without using calculator.

Sharpen two sides of brain:

You should use two sides of the brain equally for the day. Logic reasoning, analysis calculations will be processed by left brain and creativity imagination will be taken care by right brain. To keep both sides active you need to do all these activities.

Physical activity:

To get sharp ideas you need to give physical activity for body. Running and walking everyday keeps your brain active and sharp.

Good Sleep:

Good sleep increase memory power and learning skills. When you are in sleep, brain will process the data so that you can remember things easily. Sleep also throws all toxins outside the body.

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Use washed hands and Safeguard from plastics


Using washed hands for food is good habit.After your make up or after checking super market bill,  if you are using un washed hand for eating for food. Then it’s very dangerous for your health as all chemicals will directly reach into your stomach.

If you eat food without washing after touching cosmetics and electronic generated bill papers, all these chemicals can cause obesity and diabetes.

Hence it’s always better to use washed hands for eating. You may be eating some snacks

Or breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many will ensure to wash hands for lunch and dinner. But for eating snacks no will care. Just change your habit and make sure you’re more immune in this polluting world.

Dangerous chemicals:

All the plastic we use in our daily life, bill papers and cosmetics usually have Endocrine disruptors. These chemicals are calls as ECDS.If these chemicals went into our body, they badly affects our hormone system and disturbs the hormone functionality.

Obesity and diabetes:

Hormone distraction has many side effects on the body including obesity and diabetes as per the research done by Texas University.

All the plastic we use in our daily life, bill papers and cosmetics also has dangerous chemical called bisphenol  which will affect pancreas gland functionality. This gland is very important gland in the body and if it’s disturbed it can lead to many side effects on the body.

These are main side effects:

  • It can lead to diabetes
  • It can spoil the nervous system of the fetus (growing Baby inside mother’s body during pregnancy).Hence pregnant woman need to be careful.

Hence from now onwards always make sure you washed your hands before eating.

Follow these rules for your healthy life:

  • Use Washed hands for food
  • Don’t use plastic vessels for food, use traditional copper or steel vessels
  • Don’t use paper plates and paper glasses.

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Don’t read this,if you dont quit smoking


Dangerous Smoking habit spreading across the world and even teenagers are getting attracted to tobaccos nicotine. Enough words are not there to describe the dangers of tobacco.

Tobacco has its effects on every part of the human body from top to bottom. More than forty thousand chemicals spread into air because of single cigarette, this itself describers, how worst is the tobacco.

Direct effect on Lungs:

Cigarette smoke will go directly into the lungs and carbon monoxide starts infusing the hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin functionality gets affected and its capacity to carry the oxygen to whole body decreases. All body cells will become poisons with carbon monoxide.

Continuous cough and cancer:

It will lead to dangerous diseases and you can walk for a small distance. All body will become weak and continuous cough will weakens you further.

Achrolin is the dangerous substance which will cause cancer.

Mouth and it’s inside parts:

Smoke that enters into head will damage the layers inside the cheeks. It melts all smooth parts of the mouth and causes wounds in the mouth.

Tooth colour will change and tongue colour will becomes black. Thus it may cause cancer to every part of the mouth.


Smoke wills effects thyroid gland and bronchial.


Cigarette smoking wills badly effects heart and smoke will increases the blood pressure rate and blood will become thick. Any part of the body which did not get oxygen and blood will become inactive


If brain did not get blood circulation, it may lead to paralysis.

Low Fertility:

It will reduce the sperm count in male and estrogen in female

Bladder cancer and prostate cancer:

In males smoking may cause bladder and prostate cancer

It may effects any part of the body staring from mouth including colon, liver, to end part of the digestive system

Last but not least:

After knowing all the facts, still you want to smoke it’s your wish. But remember one thing don’t spoil other health.

Stop smoking in public places and in front of children and pregnant ladies.

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Brushing techniques for stronger tooth


We usually adopt the tooth pastes that are shown in the advertisements. We always believes that tooth paste will do ever favor to our tooth and protects cavities. But we never care for common mistakes that we do in our daily routines which damages the cavities. 

Brushing style, brushing time, cool drinks and night foods will damage cavities and cause gum disease.

We need to correct some life style mistakes as below to get strong and health tooth.

Spend enough time for brushing:
Most people don’t spend nearly enough time brushing their teeth. Dentists recommend brushing for two or three minutes, but few people ever make it to that. Next time, check your watch to see how long your routine takes.
Use mirror while brushing:


Make a point to look in the mirror while you brush your teeth. It’s easy to miss the area right at the gum line, which is the most important part. That’s where plaque, tartar and bacteria can build up, which cause the gums to become infected. Also keep a close eye on the back molars. If the brush head hits your cheek before you get to them you could miss them completely.

Use the right toothpaste:
Baking soda toothpastes are good at getting stains out because they are abrasive -but that also means they’re hard on enamel. It’s a trade off that might not be worth it.
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45 degrees Brushing angle:

Enamel is made of tightly packed, glass-like rods that extend out toward the surface of the tooth. When you brush side-to-side, these brittle rods can break, leading to cracks and weakening teeth. So, hold the brush so the bristles are at a 45-degree angle to the surface of the teeth and brush in small circles. It’s okay to brush in straight lines on the chewing surfaces. After completing your circles, brush away from the gum line to clear off loosened plaque and bacteria.

Don’t brush too hard:

The chances of enamel breakage are greater when you brush too hard. And sideways brushing can cause notches near the gum line called abfraction lesions. With continued pressure, they can deepen into the tooth’s inner dentin and cementum layers. What’s more, aggressive brushing can be traumatic for sensitive gums, causing irritation and recession.

You’re using the wrong brush:

Be sure to buy soft or ultra soft brushes to minimise damage. Lenchner warns, though, that even soft bristled toothbrushes can cause abrasions if used incorrectly. If your dentist gives you a special brush for cleaning implants or crowns, only use it as directed so you don’t disrupt proper gum growth.

Change brush every 3 months:

As horrifying as it may sound, your toothbrush can be a veritable haven for germs, including strep and staph. You should replace a regular toothbrush every three months -sooner if the bristles look worn, frayed and bent.

Over time, the bristles get damaged, like split ends in your hair, and bacteria nestle in those tiny tears. To minimise germs’ day-to-day growth, rinse your brush with hot water after use and allow it to dry completely.

Rinse after brushing:

Effective brushing and flossing unbind bacteria-laden plaque from the surface of teeth. Rinsing afterward is a key step to make sure that bacteria leave your mouth for good. Swish with a germ-killing, alcohol-free mouthwash, or use a fluoride rinse to strengthen and fortify tooth enamel and prevent cavities. If you don’t have mouthwash, a good rinse-and-spit with water is better than nothing.

Simple life style changes like brushing style and brushing time makes lot of difference.

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9 Healthy reasons for laughing loudly


Laugh is a healthy tonic and cure many diseases at free of cost.Laugh will cure many diseases and gives good long term health.

Many laughing clubs also established world wide to beat diseases and to get peace of mind in the daily busy life.

These are 9 healthy reasons for laughing loudly.

Relaxation from stress:

Laugh for some time everyday.it will give you relaxation from stress.

Healthy heart rate:

Laugh will keep heart healthy and regulates the heart beat rate.

Fight with stress:

Laugh will release endorphin, which will help in fighting with stress hormones.

New active energy:

Laugh wills active your mind and gives new energy all times. Spend some time with your friends and fun time with family to get new energy and peace of mind.

Memory and concentration:

Laugh will increase the concentration and memory power.As per studies listening to classical music and loud laugh will gifts good memory and concentration.


Laugh will improves the efficiency and skill of the workers.Its the right time to start fun activities during the leisure time in offices to develop skills of the employees.

Pain relievers:

Hormones released during laugh will cure all kinds of pains.Laugh has good healing power and gives relief from many pains.Its not just words,its proven by many studies around the world.

Equal to normal exercise:

Laughing expands the lungs, stretches the muscles in the body and stimulates homeostasis.Hence its good to laugh to give good exercise to muscles.

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These are techniques to laugh:

Hence its right time to join with your friends frequently and have a sound laugh.

Spend time with family and have some fun time every weekend.

Watch fun movies and read comic stories.

Join laughing club in your colony

Remember funny joke or funny incident happened in your day and laugh


How gardening impacts your brain health

Gardening, meditation and green tea are well known for gifting sharp brain.

Healthy and active body we need to keep exercising and also consume protein balanced diet, but to have an active and sharp brain we have to follow many techniques.


Gardening is best remedy for the people having frequently varying moods. Just dig the soil, plant a power plant or pour water to plants, all these gardening works elevates your moods.

Whenever you have time, spend time in garden with nature, it makes you happy and makes your mind relaxed. Engaging with nature always keeps stress away and frees you from all worries.

Some bacteria in soil releases a chemical called serotonin which will keeps you joyful as per recent studies.

Gardening Improves Relationships and Compassion. Research shows that people who spend extended lengths of time around plants tend to have better relationships with others. “This is due to measurable increases in feelings of compassion; another effect of exposure to ornamental plants.

People who care for nature are more likely to care for others, reaching out to their peers and forming shared bonds resulting from their common interests.

Studies have shown that people who spend more time around plants are much more likely to try and help others, and often have more advanced social relationships.


Meditation improves the concentration and memory power apart from reducing stress and anxiety. Hence it’s better to give some time for meditation even you don’t have time with your busy schedules. Fifteen minutes meditation is enough for healthy body and healthy brain.

Multi tasking:

Multi tasking is good to manage your works. But overloaded multi tasking is danger; you may forget important things to do. It’s better to plan your time and tasks.

Pay concentration on your present work and finish it efficiently, then go for next task it will give you confidence and also save your time. If you are really boring with your work then go for multi tasking, it keeps you enthusiastic.

Green tea:

Many people treat green tea as weapon for reducing weight. But it has many more benefits .Green tea has amino acid called thiamine which will keep the stress in control.

Also removes all worries. Caffin in green tea also keeps you away from tiredness and also improves concentration. Hence have a green tea every day.






Going for diet ? Know diet myths

Many of us come across diet control trail once in a life time. But many will stop eating food completely and want to lose kilos in week.You should Know diet myths before going for diet.Instead of trying hard, if we know simple tips, it will be very easy to achieve the goal.

Here are some dos and don’ts to be kept in mind while planning to go on a diet.

Avoid Fat-but not health fats:
You should know that fat also its role in our body. While it’s important to reduce your fat intake, if you plan on losing weight, you don’t need to cut out fat altogether.

Dietitians say you still need to consume a sufficient amount of fat as it’s needed for energy, tissue repair and to transport vitamins around the body.

Instead, say no to saturated fats like butter and go for healthier options like olive oil.

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Late night dinner:

You have probably heard a lot of fit people saying they don’t eat anything after 7 or 8 pm in the night. When you have dinner is not as important as what you eat. A meal eaten late at night will not necessarily make the body store more fat.

Just ensure that you eat a couple of hours before sleeping so that the food gets digested well.

Balance your diet:
There are lots of myths that certain foods are ‘good’ if you want to lose weight and others are ‘bad’.

Chose fruits, vegetables and nuts as a healthier option, it doesn’t mean you have to cut out carbs entirely. Eating bread, pasta and rice in moderation is fine.

Slow metabolism is the problem:
This is a common myth among those striving to shed those extra kilos. Experts say the larger you are, the more calories you need to keep your body working. People tend to put on weight, when they eat more than they burn. This is due to our largely sedentary lifestyles.

Slow and Steady always well:
While a drastic diet can reduce weight in the short term, it can become a problem later. Always slow and steady is a good approach.

Doctors agree that crash diet is an unhealthy method as it not only removes fat but also muscle and tissue. Crash dieting can also make you weak. Opt for a slow and sustained weight loss plan that will help you maintain your reduced weight long-term.

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Alter your food habits for steady weight


Altering food habits is a good solution for maintaing steady weight as per experts openion.If you are suffering from minor health problems frequently and there is sudden growth in weight or not able to maintain steady weight, then you need to think of your food habits. As per doctors opinion minor changes in the food habits will help to stay with health and steady weight. So start alter your food habits for steady weight.

These are simple steps:

Start with simple stretching’s:

Start your day with simple stretching’s and it will help to boost the energy to body and increases the blood circulation to body. You can feel the lighten body and energetic throughout the day.

These exercises will help to reduce weight effectively.

Nutrient food in the breakfast:

Always prefer the nutrient food in the breakfast. Your breakfast should contain complex carbohydrates, fiber, small amount of fat and proteins. These foods supplies energy to work for long hours and keep you hunger less for long duration.

One time Coffee:

If you drink coffee two or three times in a day, you need to replace coffee with tea. Take coffee in the morning and prefer tea for remaining day. You can choose green tea .Green tea has good amount of antioxidants and keeps you away from heart diseases and other diseases. Increases body immunity.

Deep breathing:

Even you are doing enough exercises every day, give importance to deep breathing techniques. It ensures good blood circulations and keeps the digestives system healthy.

Stress free life:

If you are not way from stress, it will spoil your mental health and physical health. Prefer meditation and spend time with friends and nature to relives from stress.

Long distance walks:

Long distance walk and jumping exercises will makes you healthy and more energetic.

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Dozen bad habits you should quit


Health and happiness are two sides of a mirror. Satisfying late night cravings with pizzas and chocolate cake might be a tempting way to end each day, but it’s not doing your body any favors and impact your and your overall health on a long term basis.

With these types of temptation and bad habits we end up hurting our body and our health on a daily basis.

There is no better option than quitting these bad habits for your healthy happiness.

  1. Skipping breakfast:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you skip your breakfast, you are likely to eat more during the other meals and this can lead to weight gain.

The key to a good breakfast is a balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

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  1. Watching TV for long hours:

Sitting for hours on the couch, watching that idiot box can put your heart and eyes at risk. Watching too much TV can put you at an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and obesity.

The more you are glued to the TV, the more immobile life will affect your levels of fat and sugar in your blood. Besides, it also strains your eyes and causes damage to the refractive lens.

  1. Lying constantly:

If you lie constantly, you will have constant fear of the truth being disclosed, this will create a feeling of stress in you.Damages your heath due to the release of stress hormones and leads to headaches and anxiety.

  1. Ignoring sex:

Sex is good for you and your health. It helps to improve your immune system and relationship.

Whatever the reason for a low libido might be, whether too much work or stress, avoiding sex altogether for many days and months at a time is not good.

  1. Nail biting:

This habit of using your teeth to cut your nails, just for time pass or due to extreme nervousness, can cause germ entry into your body. Taking these nasty, germ-filled fingers into your mouth can make you bed-ridden for days, due to cold or flu. So, stop this dirty habit right away.

  1. Nose/mouth picking:

Picking your nose can spread various infections like cold and flu, as cold virus is passed into your body through the mucus. After touching several things and then taking the same finger into your nose, will make you fell ill with viruses and flu.

This habit is not only bad for your health but it is also against common social etiquette.

Hence, stop this awkward habit of pulling sticky substance from your nose, or fetching left over food strands from your mouth.

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  1. Too much medication:

Constant pill popping is an extremely harmful habit that will put your health at stake. If the intake of any nutrient increases, it may create severe side effects. If you pop a pill for regular headaches, menstrual cramps or normal tummy trouble then you need to stop now.

  1. Sleeping with Makeup:

Many girls have a habit of sleeping with their makeup still on. Whatever the reason could be, this habit can cause grave damage to your skin.

Sleeping with your makeup on, leads to clogged pores, congested skin and spots. Besides, mascara and other eye makeup can cause irritation, which can also lead to vision loss.

  1. Spending sleepless nights:

Many of us, burn the midnight oil for exam preparations and work. But if this becomes routine, you will damage your body in the long run.

Without 6-8 hours of good sleep, you are damaging your immune system and other body processes and systems. To fight against various diseases, it is necessary to at least get a minimum of 7-8 hours of good sleep on most nights of the week.

A good night’s sleep also helps you stay awake and fresh throughout the day.

  1. Drinking:

Binge drinking causes long term health problems like liver trouble and immediate problems like weight gain, dizziness and fatigue. It’s better to limit and save yourself.

  1. Smoking:

In every health tip, behind every cigarette pack, we read this,’ Smoking kills’. Even a single cigarette a day, can cause blood clots, which may prevent swift flow of the blood and hence develop plaque in your arteries and blood vessels.

  1. Wearing heels:

High heels can affect your posture, put pressure on joints – which can cause arthritis, back pain and tendon injuries and other heels related accidents. Thus to prevent such horrible effects.

Limit your heels to not more than 1.5 inches, and wear insoles to reduce the pressure on your joints.

Learn body sleep requirements,sleep techniques

Understand your body sleep requirements ,As per the studies an average adult needs between 7.5 and 8 hours of sleep per night. “But many people can function with 6 hours’ sleep, and there also some who need 9 hours or more. But sleep less than 6 hours badly affects our health.

It will disturb physical as well as mental health; the following are some major affects on your health.

  1. Increased risk of drowsy driving
  2. Increase in body mass index – a greater likelihood of obesity due to an increased appetite caused by sleep deprivation
  3. Increased risk of diabetes and heart problems
  4. Increased risk for psychiatric conditions including depression and substance abuse
  5. Decreased ability to pay attention, react to signals or remember new information

There is laboratory evidence that short sleep duration of 4-5 hours have negative physiological and neuro behavioral consequences

It’s very important that you should have quality sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day and you can ensure the same by following simple tricks to reach your body sleep requirements.

Follow schedule timings:

Establish consistent sleep and wake schedules, even on weekends

Good Relaxing mood:

Create a regular, relaxing bedtime routine such as soaking in a hot bath or listening to soothing music – begin an hour or more before the time you expect to fall asleep

Good surroundings:

Create a sleep-conducive environment that is dark, quiet, comfortable and cool

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Comfortable mattress and pillow:

Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows

Avoid TV and computers in bed room:

Use your bedroom only for sleep and sex (keep “sleep sealers” out of the bedroom – avoid watching TV, using a computer or reading in bed)

Finish dinner early:

Finish eating at least 2-3 hours before your regular bedtime

Exercise regularly:

Good exercise will gives relaxed mind and good sleep

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Avoid alcohol and smoking during nights:

Avoid caffeine and alcohol products close to bedtime and give up smoking