What is true Leadership ???

What qualities a leader should have? What’s leadership?

If you are an individual person then the growth is your success, but same is not true for leader. Success for a leader is his team or supporters growth.

There are many famous leaders who set the example for their followers in world.

Nelson Mandela and Gandhi are most popular leaders for their leadership during freedom fights.

Bill gates is the leader in brings Microsoft as world’s top company.

Cheguvera is the best leader and is the symbol of rebellion.

Leaders should be good initiators and have to start the task and give the support to his followers.

Leader should encourage his followers and build confidence in them.

Leader should inspire the supporters and make the aim for the group.

Leader should maintain transparency and trustable.

Leader should have guts to take firm and tough decision whenever required.

Leader should set an example

At the beginning of the task leader should stay at the front and should lead his team, but at the ending of the task he should be last person that means he should ensure that all the people to finish their task.

Why should we leave ego?

Ego is one of major obstacle and greatest enemy for development of a person. Ego will stop development and spoils relations with friends and family.

Ego starts with property and wealth one having and also with intelligence. Some people feel that they are wealthier than others and some feels like they have more intelligence than others, this attitude brings ego.

Eventually ego kills thinking power and stops development, Rather than compare with others, try to contribute to society. If you find the joy in giving and find the happiness in servicing society, you never feel ego in your mind.

Don’t think that your are supreme and better than others, we are just part of society and we can’t do anything without taking help from society and other people

Ego spoils character of the person and his moral development. A person’s personal development depends on his moral development and knowledge, but ego restricts the both knowledge and moral development.

For intellectual development our experience should enhance our thinking power and great thinker have changed the life of many and turned into great characters.

Thus our property ,wealth and knowledge should develop our character and moral development and not the ego.