Best tips for digital detox which keeps relations alive

In this Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012 photo, passengers operate their smartphones on a subway in Seoul, South Korea. Across the entire population, South Korea’s government estimated 2.55 million people are addicted to smartphones, using the devices for 8 hours a day or more, in its first survey of smartphone addiction released earlier this year. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

Digital detoxification is new word for many people, but it’s necessary element for everyone.These are best tips for digital detox and keeps relations alive. We know detoxification, it’s nothing but a process of removing unnecessary toxins in our body.Whever excess of toxins stored in the body, it leads many diseases and health problems. Hence we will do detoxify our body.

Digital detoxification also same but we need to our self .This is drug for digital addiction. What is digital addiction? It’s also like drugs, alcoholic addictions, once a person addicted to these things, he can’t live even a single minute without those things. Same way digital addiction is the addition to digital things like smart phone, laptops, internet, social networks like Facebook, whatsapp, selfie ext.

Symptoms of digital addiction:

Digital adductors also get same kick as normal alcoholic addiction. If they get more likes for their selfie, they will get peek kick.

Expecting huge number of likes for their selfie.

Frequently checking their mobile phone

Look for new mails and new likes in whatsapps, Facebook every fifteen minutes and get disappoint if no updates.

Watching YouTube videos always and spent lots of time on internet.

All these are the symptoms of digital addiction and the drug for these diseases is digital detoxification.

It’s nothing but maintain some distance to loved smart phone, tabs.

Remedies for digital detoxification:

Use your digital things when required only.

Don’t try to answer every mail and whats-app messages.

Check mains and updates at specific times only and 3 or 4 times a day.

Keep the Smartphone away in bed room.

Start spending one hour without any digital thing in a day.Dedicate one day in a week for this activity.

Last but not least follow apps for detoxification, but don’t addict to these apps also.

To keep human relations alive digital detox is mandatory.

7 hidden tips that stress the stress

After spending a hectic and stressful week, Weekends are meant for relaxation.

Just spend your weekend with some planned and some unplanned surprising activities to have tons of fun. Tie and put all your stress and worries away.

These are Amazing ideas to get rid of your tensions and stress.

Be close to nature: 

Nature is best place to throw away all your worries. Step out of the concrete jungle and take in the fresh air. Plan a trip to a neighbouring hill stations or palms fields or waterfalls.

Studies suggest that it is easier to distract yourself by staying active in a completely new natural place.
Strong sleep: 

Sleep is a tonic for your body recharge. Catching up on sleep is the first step to a stress-free weekend. Lack of sleep is a trigger to several problems like hypertension, insomnia, and heart related diseases.

Body Massage: 

A good massage goes a long way in rejuvenating your body and mind. It relaxes your nervous system, which is where your stress sits. This in turn strengthens your immune system, improves blood circulation, and helps your recover from any muscle tightness.

Peaceful Meditation: 

Meditation will take you above your problems; it will remind you of your purpose, interests; it will isolate your life’s hurdles and help you view them objectively from a distance.

A simple 15 minutes in a quiet corner is all you need to relax and pontificate. Ensure that the light, temperature, and sitting surface is comfortable. For those lucky enough to have a great outdoors find your spot and blank your mind as you take deep breaths and try to achieve a calm state of mind.

Activate your taste buds: 

Many food helps in distress. Just know your de stress foods. Dry nuts, fruits, sweet potatoes, dark green veggies are the foods to munch on to combat stress. Next time you visit your grocery store, remember to stock up on these healthy, nutrient-rich foods.

Throwaway Negative thoughts:

Use the negative energy as productive fuel; learn to bake, pick a sport, pick up a paint brush, go dancing, learn an instrument, pick a book; it will give you a sense of pride and boost your self esteem.

Bring out your hidden passion, it help you de-stress.
Try innovative activity: 

Go out for a movie, go clubbing, head to that neglected park that does exist amidst your crowded city, play your favourite music, try Jumba dance ,salsa or karaoke, do something you’ve never tried before.

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8 Best brain teasing apps keeps brain sharp

Smartphones or tablets, whichever the gadget all are favorite toys for all children. If we give chance they will play for 24 hours of the day.

Instead of allowing them to play some foolish skill less games, just select some best brain teasing apps and puzzle APPs. Download such brain tease APPS and ask them to play such games and APPs.As per the experts these Apps will give good exercise for brains and skill development.

Android OS and IOS has many such brain teasing Apps.Even these APPS will increase memory power for elders.


Best brain teasing apps

Wizard APP:

This APP was developed by neuro scientists of university of Cambridge. This is the best APP for memory power improvement. This App will gives tips for remembering things.

Personnel Zen:

This App will makes you think positive. This app developed based on two characters, one is cool and steady character and second character is aggressive and anger. This will make sure that we will see the world with positive approach.

Lumo city:

This is best first generation brain train APP.Small games will ensures to test your intelligence and this app has many levels to play.


This is small brain training will be useful for memory power improvement, mental abilities and language developments.

Fit brain trainer:

This is the best APP for brain training. It has 35 free games. It’s best for memory power, concentration and language skills.


This app will be good for students .Its improves the remember power and gives lots of techniques to remember things.


This app also useful for mental abilities improvement, concentration and mental abilities development.


This app will follow different approach. This app will follow story type games. This app will helps to improves memory and intelligence and logic skills. But this app available for IOS only.

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Use washed hands and Safeguard from plastics


Using washed hands for food is good habit.After your make up or after checking super market bill,  if you are using un washed hand for eating for food. Then it’s very dangerous for your health as all chemicals will directly reach into your stomach.

If you eat food without washing after touching cosmetics and electronic generated bill papers, all these chemicals can cause obesity and diabetes.

Hence it’s always better to use washed hands for eating. You may be eating some snacks

Or breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many will ensure to wash hands for lunch and dinner. But for eating snacks no will care. Just change your habit and make sure you’re more immune in this polluting world.

Dangerous chemicals:

All the plastic we use in our daily life, bill papers and cosmetics usually have Endocrine disruptors. These chemicals are calls as ECDS.If these chemicals went into our body, they badly affects our hormone system and disturbs the hormone functionality.

Obesity and diabetes:

Hormone distraction has many side effects on the body including obesity and diabetes as per the research done by Texas University.

All the plastic we use in our daily life, bill papers and cosmetics also has dangerous chemical called bisphenol  which will affect pancreas gland functionality. This gland is very important gland in the body and if it’s disturbed it can lead to many side effects on the body.

These are main side effects:

  • It can lead to diabetes
  • It can spoil the nervous system of the fetus (growing Baby inside mother’s body during pregnancy).Hence pregnant woman need to be careful.

Hence from now onwards always make sure you washed your hands before eating.

Follow these rules for your healthy life:

  • Use Washed hands for food
  • Don’t use plastic vessels for food, use traditional copper or steel vessels
  • Don’t use paper plates and paper glasses.

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Kill stress before it kills you


In our busy life, we may come across many form of Stress and these stresses can affect your physical and mental health greatly. Apart from stress symptoms like headaches and loss of appetite, stress can also affect your health in the long run.

These are the stress symptoms that affect different parts of the body and should not be ignored.
Stress symptoms of the head:

Depression, anxiety, mood swings, and negative thoughts and sleep disorders.
Stress symptoms of the heart and lungs:

Fluctuation, heart health, palpitations, high blood pressure and heart problems.

Stress symptoms on the skin:

Sweating, eczema, psoriasis.

Stress symptoms on muscle:

Loss of muscle functioning like stiffness, structure, soreness.

Stress symptoms for the digestive system:

Chronic ulcer, loss of appetite and irritable bowel syndrome.

Stress symptoms for the reproductive system:

Lack of sexual drive, decrease in testosterone and erectile dysfunction.

Stress symptoms for overall health:

Immunity levels drops paving the way for diseases.

Most of us tend to overlook digestive problems, mood swings and tiredness. We tend to pop a pill to cure these ailments, but it’s time to suppress them by reducing stress. Instead of taking care of temporary solution, treat the root cause of all aliments that is stress. Stress free life equals to healthy life.

“Kill the stress before it kills you”.

Protect health in busy office schedules


Many job holders and students always busy with their daily routine. They always think of their duties and never care for their health. Finally All these silly mistakes will end of with ill health. So it’s better to know simple dos and don’ts to keep focus on your health while busy with your routine work.

Bed coffee or tea:

Many will have a habit of bed coffee or tea. But this coffee and tea in the early hours of morning will fill your stomach with caffeine. Instead of coffee, drink two glasses of water, it will clean your digestive system.

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You should eat Good quantity of breakfast. Don’t take fried, masala and oil items in the breakfast. If you prefer these items it should be of limited quantity.

Vegetables good option:

Watermelon, carrots, corns and other vegetables will be a good option for breakfast and these vegetables will adds energy to your body. Anti oxidants available in the vegetables will throughout free radicals from the body.


Many will finish lunch in a hurry mood and never spend sufficient time to chew food. This will fill stomach with air. This fast eating will slows down the digestion process and gives stomach diseases.

3 Hours break:

There should be at least 3 hours difference between breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.


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Chose right dress for office in a minute


It’s very difficult for choosing a right dress in the morning for office going women. Hardly you may get 2 to 3 minutes to chose your dress and 30 minutes for dressing and make up. These are the tips to select your dress in 2 minutes.

You may be having lots of dresses, but all are not suitable now and some may not be fit. So its better if you keep everything arranged in your cup board.

Faded dresses:

Some dresses may be faded now after many wearings.So select all faded dresses and keep aside.

Tight dresses:

Some dresses may be tight; you might have kept it for future. But some may be fading condition by now. Keep those type dresses also aside. Only keep the dresses which are fit for you now.

Too loose dresses:

Wearing little loose dress is looks good. But too loose dresses always give you a bad look to your figure. So keep all loose dresses aside.

Similar pattern:

Some of our dresses are similar in colour and design also. If you have 2 or 3 types same dresses, keep away the old dresses aside.

Dislike dresses wearing unwillingly:

Sometimes we will buy dresses in a hurry. But after that we may not like that dress any more. After wearing 5 or 6 times we will keep that dress aside and may be willing to wear any more. So keep aside all such dresses.

1 minute Job now:

Now your cupboard left with only dresses which are very fit and in good condition. So you can select your dress very easily now.

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Hot tag love your Motherhood lines


Hot tag love your Motherhood lines. This is not movie name or some website name. It’s the most popular and hottest tag in Instagram social website.Why this tag got that much popularity? This paragraph answer your questions

Instagram Tag:

This Instagram tag got more than one lakh followers with in the week. If we go into details, the lines we are talking about are stretches on the body of woman after giving a birth to their baby.

Motherhood is the god’s gift:

For Every woman, motherhood is the god’s gift. After giving birth to baby, their body will undergo lot of changes. As part of those changes and due to increase in the body weight, some stretches will appear on the mother’s body.

Many women will try to hide those stretch marks by covering with dress. But these stretches came as a natural way, there is nothing to hide.

Same thought made two women to come up with a new tagline “Hot tag loves your lines” in instagram. This tag become hottest and has many followers now.

No shy, feel proud:

No need to feel shy about these marks, you should treat these as beauty spots like moles and feel proud as mother.

Many women shared their motherhood experiences and their feelings.

Share your experience with one lakh:

If you want to share your experience then go to your instgram page and check for this tag.

Feel proud of motherhoods start loving your stretches. Put your like for the tag line, “Real women, real bodies and real self love”.

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Classical music for good concentration


Try to listen classical music for good concentration and memory.When you need to put more concentration and attention at your work in office, while preparing for exams and teaching to your children, it will give fruitful results.

But how to get concentration and attention? Here the solution with classical music.

What studies reveals:

Do you know how classical music will effects your concentration and attention? As per studies, when you listen classical music with good rhythms, your body releases good hormones which will release pressure from neurons and make your brain active. Thus your concentration and memory power will be increased.

Good relief from stress:

Whenever you are in stress and exam, interview tensions listen classical music for fifteen minutes, it will give you lot of relief to you.

High IQ and language skills for babies:

Classical music will improve the brain functionality and elevates mood of babies.Thus it gives more IQ for your babies.Studies also suggest that regular listening to classical music encourages baby to learn to discern between sounds and therefore helps in their auditory memory which is essential in language skills.

So start listening classical music for 20 to 30 minutes every day during pregnancy.

Good sleep:

Classical music will relax you and soothe your moods.Thus it will improve your sleep quality.

Controls blood pressure:

Classical music is very special and can change the your mind and its feelings.When you feel happier and peace with the music your blood pressure also calm down.

Makes you honesty:

yes ,listening to classical music will make you creative and open minded.Thus you will express things openly and become more honesty.

Bird humming:

If you bored with classical music or if don’t like it at all,then you can chose to listen bird humming. There are plenty of apps and YouTube videos for listening bird humming’s

So start listening classical music for some time every day.

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Top 5 techniques for good sleep

Good sleep is very important to your health as well as for your beauty. This paragraph gives Top 5 techniques for good sleep.

Poor sleep will take a toll on everything from your job performance and sex life to overall health. And in women it’s been associated with feelings of hostility, depression, and anger, as well as higher risks of diabetes and heart disease.

Here how you can ensure good and sound sleep

Listen relaxing music:

Whatever noise environments that keep you awake – tune it all out with a relaxing soundtrack. Check iTunes for downloads of sleep-friendly sounds.

Prep your body:

Curl your toes tightly for a count of seven, and then relax. Repeat through each muscle group, working up from your toes to your neck.

Keep cool:

As per studies temperature below 18 degrees centi grade is idle for sleep. People doze off easier and sleep better when the room temperature is on the cooler side. Set your thermostat to around 18 degrees or lower.

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Relax right:

Instead of mulling over the day’s events when you get in bed, try journaling about the big stuff at least two hours earlier, so your mind’s not racing when you turn in.

Right before bed, try a relaxing imagery exercise: Picture any tranquil scene, like a day at the beach. Over time, the new routine will help cue your brain to settle down.

Log your daily work:

Your daily routine affects how well you sleep. A sleep log can help you make those connections, says Stephanie Silberman, PhD, author of The Insomnia Workbook.

Every day, record how much caffeine you drink, when and how much you exercise, what you eat, when you go to bed and wake up, and your total sleep time. Share the log with a sleep specialist.

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