Foods and massage to treat brittle nails


Brittle nails and hair loss is common problem for some people. Use these foods and massage to treat brittle nails.These common problems are due to insufficient biotin in the body. This can be avoid be adding some foods to your diet and with slight change in the diet habits.

Biotin, fatty acids, protein and vitamin A are essential for good nail health and for strong hair. Apart from the food stuff, you can choose some oil massage also for healthy nails.


Biotin deficiency can be treated with fish, peas, beans, banana, cauliflower and eggs. These foods are rich biotin and helps in strong hair growth and to treat brittle nails.

Fatty acids:

When you suffer from brittle nails, you need to concentrate and foods with fatty acids. Fish oil, Amarnath leaves and walnuts are good source of Fatty acid


Protein deficiency will increases nails related problems. To avoid such problems, increase the chicken, milk product without cheese, grains, soybean and cereals.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is very essentials for healthy nails. More vitamin A will ensure the healthier nails. Chose apricots, White egg, oatmeal, cheese and roots for vitamin A.

Apart from the above diet methods, you can apply external oils also.

Olive oil massage:

Apply warm olive oil to nails during night, massage gently for some time. Wash gently in the morning.

Almond oil and lemon massage:

Mix almond oil and few drops of lemon juice and apply to nails.

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